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87%VideoOct 2018

AI "sees" people through walls



87%VideoOct 2018

Interview with the Norwegian foreign minister

(18:24) Norway's foreign minister Ine Eriksen Soreide on Brexit from a Norwegian perspective.

93%VideoOct 2018

Why North Carolina can't solve its hog poop problem

(5:19) Most pig farms in North Carolina dispose of pig waste in massive open-pit lagoons.


86%VideoOct 2018

Al Gore: Trump's deregulation proposals are literally insane

(11:21) Former US VP and climate change activist Al Gore discusses the IPCC's alarming report on climate change.


86%VideoOct 2018

Inside the eye of Hurricane Michael

(1:16) Eerie moment of calm as Hurricane Michael's eye passes over.

86%VideoOct 2018

When Kanye met Trump

(4:05) Bizarre moments from Donald Trump and rapper Kanye West's meeting at the Oval Office.

87%VideoOct 2018

When Elvis met Nixon

(6:56) The true story of when Elvis Presley dropped in on President Richard Nixon at the White House in 1970.

88%VideoOct 2018

Deep Look | Praying mantis love is a risky business

(5:08) Natural selection can result in strange survival tactics.

86%VideoOct 2018

Drone footage captures devastation after Hurricane Michael

(2:17) Widespread devastation across Mexico Beach, Florida after Hurricane Michael made landfall as a Category 4 storm.

86%VideoOct 2018

Waymo celebrates 10 million miles of self-driving

(3:28) Waymo's self-driving technology has logged 10 million miles of self-driving on public roads.