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Why don't I like Microsoft's paperclip? 92% Posted Mar 2002

Why don't I like Microsoft's paperclip?

Comment: 3516 days ago
I always changed it to the robot and shook it around until it threw up.
Deer collision damage 61% Posted Jan 2009

Deer collision damage

Comment: 3516 days ago
*pulls something out of the car while wearing his navy blue CSI: NY - POLICE DEPT slicker (CSI: NY style) on* I found his other half!
Drive-thru order 94% Posted Nov 2005

Drive-thru order

Comment: 3516 days ago
*rolls his eyes* Woooow. Yeah, this is the future of America? We're screwed.
Pets in costume 85% Posted Oct 2007

Pets in costume

Comment: 3846 days ago
#1 Looks like one of the crocodiles from The Lion King II: Simba's Pride.
Dashboard camera spy 80% Posted Dec 2007

Dashboard camera spy

Comment: 3922 days ago
There's a difference between parenting and prying, this is prying. Not only are the kids making mistakes because they're kids, but they could also be making mistakes because they're scared that they'll mess up with a dash cam to catch it all. And how does the dash cam know when an incident occurs?
Happy sunset 93% Posted Oct 2007

Happy sunset

Comment: 3978 days ago
Sheep count 87% Posted Oct 2007

Sheep count

Comment: 4020 days ago
Dear Continental... 89% Posted Jul 2007

Dear Continental...

Comment: 4034 days ago
Wow, I wonder how this ended.




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