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Kittens need a loving home 49% Posted Jan 2008

Kittens need a loving home

Comment: 5037 days ago
.......................Well im not sleeping very well tonight....
New Years Eve - London 2008 51% Posted Jan 2008

New Years Eve - London 2008

Comment: 5037 days ago
I was there, it was basicly appocaliptic by the end!
Spanking on Fox 13 50% Posted Jan 2008

Spanking on Fox 13

Comment: 5037 days ago
See now we need English news reporters having a bit kore fun on tv! lol
Disappearing car door 48% Posted Oct 2007

Disappearing car door

Comment: 5053 days ago
The Simpsons - Picture a day 10% Posted Dec 2007

The Simpsons - Picture a day

Comment: 5053 days ago
Nice, as mentioned below, episode anyone?
Hindenburg disaster 1937 54% Posted May 2007

Hindenburg disaster 1937

Comment: 5053 days ago
Wow, thats rather intense stuff....
Is Hell exothermic or endothermic? 50% Posted Nov 2002

Is Hell exothermic or endothermic?

Comment: 5053 days ago
Sodding Fantastic. Modern Genius!:P
Liquid helium phenomenon 52% Posted Dec 2007

Liquid helium phenomenon

Comment: 5054 days ago
Wow, i have to read up on this now. Really interesting stuff!
Fat lazy cat 13% Posted Dec 2007

Fat lazy cat

Comment: 5054 days ago
lol, thats not bad actually
Joanne gets supermarket tattoo 50% Posted Dec 2007

Joanne gets supermarket tattoo

Comment: 5054 days ago
Oh dear........ lol
Snow plowing train 52% Posted Dec 2007

Snow plowing train

Comment: 5054 days ago
DUDE! And to the person bellow I utterly agree!
Girls and Cars - A Retrospection 2 51% Posted Jan 2007

Girls and Cars - A Retrospection 2

Comment: 5054 days ago
At the end of the day it just remeinds you life is worth living.........
Alien pop-up book 52% Posted Dec 2007

Alien pop-up book

Comment: 5054 days ago
Oh, nice. Not something to open over Breakfast then?
The Office - My mother's breasts 51% Posted Dec 2007

The Office - My mother's breasts

Comment: 5054 days ago
ROFL, Gotta love Ricky. His best works I think!
Frozen tidal wave 52% Posted Aug 2007

Frozen tidal wave

Comment: 5054 days ago
Duuude......... Thats quite extraordinary.....
Ultra slow motion 51% Posted Dec 2007

Ultra slow motion

Comment: 5064 days ago
Dude....thats pretty amazing when you see it burst.......WANT ONE. GIEF MOAR!:P
The next 007 is... Hanks, Tom Hanks 47% Posted Dec 2007

The next 007 is... Hanks, Tom Hanks

Comment: 5064 days ago
LMAO, I'd go see it. Anyone with me?:P
Zero gravity cat 51% Posted Dec 2007

Zero gravity cat

Comment: 5064 days ago
Pigeon skewered mid flight 49% Posted Dec 2007

Pigeon skewered mid flight

Comment: 5067 days ago
Bugger me.........well spotted.
Premiership lineup 76% Posted Aug 2004

Premiership lineup

Comment: 5067 days ago




Nick Stevens


England Universe is Gradually slowing down isnt it? And will eventually collapse inwardly on itself........when all it's thermal and mechanical functions fail..........Thus rendering all human endevor ultimately pointless.

Just to get everything in some kind of context really.......:P