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Being British 50% Posted Oct 2006

Being British

Comment: 5174 days ago
the only people that call someone a chap is the southern fairys born with a silver spoon in their fucking mouth. is that you?
Only in America... 48% Posted Apr 2003

Only in America...

Comment: 5174 days ago
only in america do all the bitches keep saying:AND LIKE OH MY GOD AND LIKE OH MY GOD AND LIKE OH MY GOD,and the men are always whooping and screeming like the girls,WHOOOOO and U.S.A, U.S.A, U.S.A. shut the fuck up you bunch of queers!!!!
From college level tests 51% Posted May 2003

From college level tests

Comment: 5174 days ago
only joking i wont come back to haunt you so dont get paranoid.
From college level tests 51% Posted May 2003

From college level tests

Comment: 5174 days ago
thanx, that was a complete waste of 8 minuets of my life i will never get back reading a load of shite. i will come back to haunt you.
French military victories 50% Posted Apr 2003

French military victories

Comment: 5174 days ago
good one that. the french are just a bunch of shit bags that always cry for help when they are in trouble, they should learn how to fight instead of just surrendering at the sound of a single gunshot!!!!!
It's time to move when... 49% Posted Aug 2002

It's time to move when...

Comment: 5174 days ago
obviously written by a southern fairy!
Your age by chocolate maths 50% Posted May 2004

Your age by chocolate maths

Comment: 5174 days ago
this will still work any year if you add (3) for example to your final number eg: 2004 + 3 2007
Geyser trouble 52% Posted Apr 2007

Geyser trouble

Comment: 5174 days ago
that was not a geyser it was water build up in the sewers!
Computer start-up sound 53% Posted Aug 2006

Computer start-up sound

Comment: 5175 days ago
Bin Laden Memorandum 52% Posted Jan 2002

Bin Laden Memorandum

Comment: 5175 days ago
what was that supposed to be? utter shite!!!!
Police warning 49% Posted Aug 2005

Police warning

Comment: 5175 days ago
started good but finished up shite!!!!
Shite jokes 49% Posted Sep 2002

Shite jokes

Comment: 5175 days ago
you are right mate. they are shite jokes. stick to your day job and keep off this site!!!!
Maria Sharapova - on court 46% Posted Jun 2005

Maria Sharapova - on court

Comment: 5175 days ago
i was waiting to see a picture of her with her tits out, DAMN!!!!!!
BBQ 45% Posted Oct 2005


Comment: 5175 days ago
no wonder you are so low down in the rankings, this is shite!!!!!
Delia's way 38% Posted Apr 2006

Delia's way

Comment: 5175 days ago
get a life you sad bastard. that it total shit!!!
Essex girls 49% Posted Nov 2005

Essex girls

Comment: 5175 days ago
shite,SHITE, and utter SHITE!!!!!!!!!!!
More giggles 51% Posted May 2004

More giggles

Comment: 5175 days ago
are they supposed to be jokes? what a load of shite!!!!!!
ID card 51% Posted Sep 2005

ID card

Comment: 5175 days ago
if they want to live in this country they should abide by our laws, also if they break our laws they should be sent back were they came from. i am not racist but if i lived in their country and i did not like it i would go home!!!!!!!
Tongue twisters 48% Posted Apr 2003

Tongue twisters

Comment: 5175 days ago
one smart fella he felt smart. two smart fellas they felt smart, three smart fellas they felt smart, and they all felt smart together!!!! TRY THAT ONE!!!!
I spin shit 59% Posted Dec 2005

I spin shit

Comment: 5175 days ago
a gay tune for a gay dude!!!




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