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Hong Kong ship shopping centre 57% Posted Jul 2008

Hong Kong ship shopping centre

Comment: 4331 days ago
So what if he doesn't spell everything correctly, it's easier and you understand what he's saying, so what's the problem?
Wheel of Fail 57% Posted Aug 2008

Wheel of Fail

Comment: 4331 days ago
Hahahaha that's kick ass!
Smart ass answers 46% Posted Feb 2005

Smart ass answers

Comment: 4431 days ago
Haha... Pretty ace... I like em :D
Speeding offence 47% Posted Jul 2004

Speeding offence

Comment: 4526 days ago
Ahhh I get it now! The date of offense and date of birth are the same! (Had a little blonde moment there I did)
Who needs Photoshop - 6 50% Posted Apr 2008

Who needs Photoshop - 6

Comment: 4546 days ago
I like four! It's like devil horns!
Woman's two year toilet ordeal 53% Posted Mar 2008

Woman's two year toilet ordeal

Comment: 4624 days ago
not april fools... 'tis real
Before and after bathing 52% Posted Feb 2008

Before and after bathing

Comment: 4664 days ago
Awwww they dont even look like the same dogs
Phony photo booth 58% Posted Jan 2006

Phony photo booth

Comment: 4674 days ago
lmfao... okay. That made me laugh. A lot :D
Speeding - what's your excuse? 43% Posted Dec 2005

Speeding - what's your excuse?

Comment: 4678 days ago
lmao... love it :)... I've seen david hasselhoff on holiday before on his ... big posh boat thing that i can't remember how to spell :D
Marco Grosenik & Felix Mucke 54% Posted Dec 2007

Marco Grosenik & Felix Mucke

Comment: 4682 days ago
It'd be bloody painful making mistakes... i've seem people fall like that and mash up their face :s aint nice
R.E.M. - Losing My Religion 65% Posted Feb 2007

R.E.M. - Losing My Religion

Comment: 4683 days ago
They really are great... i keep coming back to this song to listen to it :D
Airforce dancer 54% Posted Dec 2007

Airforce dancer

Comment: 4683 days ago
Bet you can dance like that can't ya Mav?
The Diet Coke and Mentos Experiments 67% Posted Jun 2006

The Diet Coke and Mentos Experiments

Comment: 4683 days ago
I'll just say it's pretty damn good!
Umbrella bag 50% Posted Jan 2008

Umbrella bag

Comment: 4683 days ago
Then you stuck carrying what ever was in it... or you're soaking wet
Football hazards 89% Posted Mar 2006

Football hazards

Comment: 4684 days ago
lmao! hahahahaha! i love this!
Liquid helium phenomenon 53% Posted Dec 2007

Liquid helium phenomenon

Comment: 4684 days ago
That looks ace! :D
Elephant rescue 50% Posted Jan 2008

Elephant rescue

Comment: 4685 days ago
awww! they're pullin it's trunk
Speeding offence 47% Posted Jul 2004

Speeding offence

Comment: 4686 days ago
... what's funny on this one? am i missin' it or something?
Air conditioned mega-city of ants 48% Posted Jun 2008

Air conditioned mega-city of ants

Comment: 4688 days ago
... It was amazing to see how all the tunnel structures work and everything and how complex it is, but cruel to the ant's though to fill up it up with a load of cement considering they spend so much time on it
Camel gets it 64% Posted Dec 2006

Camel gets it

Comment: 4690 days ago
Just because I have a hump doesn't mean that's what you have to do to me





Well... i'm just me i guess

Walking, talking, distaster zone.