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Groovy dancing girl 55% Posted May 2007

Groovy dancing girl

Comment: 4570 days ago
Love it!!
Bryan  Gaynor - dance 74% Posted Jun 2007

Bryan Gaynor - dance

Comment: 4570 days ago
I'ts ok to slag of the guy cos off cos he's doing something from the past but i dont see your video on here pope john paul. Leave him alone or do better yorself. 10/10 from me and i sure wish i could do it.
High fireman 60% Posted Jun 2007

High fireman

Comment: 4570 days ago
Oh i have not stopped laughing since i found this clip makes tears roll everytime i see that poor or should i say god damn lucky fireman.:-)
Jenna Jameson on The O'Reilly Factor 52% Posted Apr 2008

Jenna Jameson on The O'Reilly Factor

Comment: 4570 days ago
This o'reilly bloke is as idiot, here he is again looking to blame the celeb for others misfortunes. i bet the guy as never had a decent shag in his life. the part at 2.06 were he says what if a minor got there parents credit card and accesed her site? lol get real oreilly you really are an utter prick.
Marilyn Manson on the O'Reilly Factor 53% Posted Apr 2007

Marilyn Manson on the O'Reilly Factor

Comment: 4570 days ago
This O'Reilly bloke is an utter arse he as no idea of the real world and all he does is try to blame Manson for kids thattake there lives etc. im no way a fan of MM but i dont know how he kept his cool. is this is all the US as to offer in interviewers i feel sorry for you guys as it's the likes of him that put the thoughts into peoples minds by suggesting themin the 1st place.