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Hannity's America  - Christopher Hitchens 91% Posted Oct 2007

Hannity's America - Christopher Hitchens

Comment: 3698 days ago
While I don't agree %100 percent with the author, I can completely relate to this moment of "fair and balanced" bullshit. I live in the midwest which means we have a church on EVERY corner, every charity is infiltrated with "ministry" which means if you want food you've gotta take the little bible we're going to give you (never mind that if we spent less on those we could buy more food). *sigh* It's funny, I've been accused of being bitter or hating God and I really don't. I'm one of those who would like it to be true. However, it is nice to hear someone confront that accusation fearlessly and have the balls to call 90% of the world on it's bullshit.