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Uprooting a palm tree in South Africa 94% Posted Aug 2008

Uprooting a palm tree in South Africa

Comment: 3668 days ago
UM LOL Umm being south African myself i feel quite ashamed hey! The only thing is why, why the hek they would humiliate themseves like this BY purposely uploading this vid ? then i Realised it must have been a joke of somesort (an afrikaana style one ) typical of them! HA ons is nie almal soos hierdie idiote is ... mamparas LOL (forgive me my errors hey I have lost touch with my roots a bit) CUZ most Afrikaaners "DO" use their brains hey"! well i do anyway lol AND all you other 'Donkie Gat's if you think you are smart I'm sure YU ALL have done something idiotic (if not more)on an occasion in your short lived lives!