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Dupligon 76% Posted Feb 2008


Comment: 3546 days ago
WOOOO HOOOOO I'M NO.1 WITH 97 1. ANJIIIII..... 97 December 4, 2008 :-) WOW i'm dead chuffed 1st game ive actually managed hit the scores with lol
Dupligon 76% Posted Feb 2008


Comment: 3547 days ago
I LOVE THIS GAME, CANT GET IT RIGHT BUT NOT GONE BELOW 82% SO I CANT BE DOING THAT BAD EH LOL TROUBLE IS.... i save the games i like to my members area and none of them are working now, comes up with an URL? ANYONE know why? i dont know where to ask?
Paint Wars 71% Posted Jan 2008

Paint Wars

Comment: 3551 days ago
WELL, I DID FINISH it, asked me type in name and yet i must have done that bad score wise, i didnt even make it to the score sheets lol
Dropple 86% Posted May 2008


Comment: 3551 days ago
oh my g-d!!! i cleared the top line and got dumped cuz missed a coin on bottom WAHHH!! Hey pretty cool now i know its possible lol
Dropple 86% Posted May 2008


Comment: 3551 days ago got that right...this IS HARD!! if we can only move left and right, how the heck do we get bac up to the 1st line? Because try as i might, i just cant get it to go back LEFT it just takes a nose dive thru the gap
The Idiot Test 82% Posted May 2007

The Idiot Test

Comment: 3551 days ago
Well i enjoyed the test, helps people that may becoming slower than usual via illness, this is easy enough to use as a weekly test i guess. A little Brainfood is good for you. I'm no college graduate or anything, and i was always taught a SQUARE has 4 EQUAL SIZE SIDES... a RECTANGLE has 4sides also BUT 2 sides (opposite each other) are SMALLER than the OTHER 2 SIDES(facing each other) This is how early learning is taught... to a young child a SQUARE IS A SQUARE and a RECTANGLE is a RECTANGLE... and if they started to answer differently they would be marked as wrong...TRUE???
Matcheroo 41% Posted Jul 2008


Comment: 3552 days ago
quite enjoyed giving my ever decreasing reflexes a workout but i guess,i'm never gonna figure the finale. Dont think i could have ever got the blue thru 2nd gate at SAME TIME as getting pink thru the 2nd AND the first even before my FMS lol
Plumber 2 70% Posted Nov 2004

Plumber 2

Comment: 3580 days ago
I JUST CANT GET PAST LEVEL's doin my head in lol
Yeti bubbles 87% Posted Jun 2006

Yeti bubbles

Comment: 3594 days ago
Holy Cow!! there is levels after 8 lol FINALLY i reached level 10..but then was getting mixed with the light blues but YEP!! ADDICTED
Rumble Ball 98% Posted Jul 2006

Rumble Ball

Comment: 3601 days ago
it's an ok game, i just find the cursor abit hard to handle, but that could just be me,i get finger cramps with illness, but yep its ok