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Hunter over Switzerland 91% Posted Feb 2007

Hunter over Switzerland

Comment: 3563 days ago
you can say what you like about buried skiers and climbers, wasted taxpayer money, but I can assure you from personal experience of a near identical 45 minute flight in the same aircraft type around the Swiss Alps, that once you have used a jet to elevate yourself vertically up the side of the Matterhorn and got to know just about every rock and treetop in Switzerland on a first name basis, you begin to understand what a different world it is up there and what a unique perspective of the world you get from it. I just wish that I had had the benefit of that music playing when I got my ride of a lifetime! The experience was sublime, unforgetable. So stop whining, enjoy it, be glad that pilots have the guts to do that type of flying (it isn't easy!) and bring you a small taste of the incredible exstacy of such an experience. Few of the viewers would truly turn it down given the chance to experience it for themselves.