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Hiroshima atom bomb drop reconstruction 97% Posted Apr 2009

Hiroshima atom bomb drop reconstruction

Comment: 3230 days ago
One question: Did the Japanese attack civilians in Pearl Harbour? Were they the target? I have visited Hiroshima in the last month. I learned that the reason it was chosen is because it they thought it didn't contain any POW personnel. Is the life of a few hundred military personnel who signed up to kill or be killed is more valuable the the life of a hundreds of thousands? When the Americans adapt such logic, that attack on civilians is justifiable, then don't be shocked when crazies like Bin Laden do 9-11 attacks on you... Violence can only breed violence ... and terrorism can only breed terrorism.. if you don't want your civilians to be attacked and terrorized, then set a good example in the times of war when you deal with other nations.