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How the ear works 44% Posted Jul 2020

How the ear works

Comment: 98 days ago


Antifa SJWs assault man for free speech sign 50% Posted Jul 2020

Antifa SJWs assault man for free speech sign

Comment: 98 days ago

I think on one hand, some ideas aren't just intellectual exercises to sit down and have a gentlemanly debate about. On the other hand, it's important to not let any set of ideas turn into an echo chamber. It's important to remember to have the common sense about what's up for debate and what isn't. Both extremes of the free speech argument have it wrong. On one hand some think all ideas are equally valid and worth discussing, everything from whether or not to raise taxes on the wealthy to whether or not Hitler's final solution was justified. On the other hand, there are people again who lump those ideas together for the opposite reason. I guess what I'm saying is we seem to no longer have common sense, there's always a dilemma of "all's okay" vs "nothing's okay", instead of what it should be "most if it's okay, and we should use our better judgement to determine what's what", as better judgement seems to ahve gone the way of the dodo.

I'm a stick, I'm not a bird 50% Posted Jul 2020

I'm a stick, I'm not a bird

Comment: 98 days ago

It looks neither stick nor bird. Like something else. Perhaps I'm a bit juvenile for thinking it. But a cute video nonetheless





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