Clown scares riot police
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Clown scares riot police

Clown scares riot police

Cops terrified of a little squirt

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Guest: Monkey (4675 days ago)
Monks tried and failed. Bring on the Clowns!
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Guest: (4464 days ago)
Try telling me again my hair looks shit and see what happens
Vote up (103)down (77)
Guest: Luke (4464 days ago)
Sarge, I dont think this one is clowning around !!
Vote up (118)down (83)
Guest: Alan (4626 days ago)
you guys aint taking me serious !
Vote up (102)down (75)
Guest: patra (4464 days ago)
Clown 1 Clones 0
Vote up (111)down (74)
Guest: (4465 days ago)
OK you win, now for the trampoline competition!
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Guest: Pete (4626 days ago)
look out Suicide bomber .....
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Guest: martyn higson (4465 days ago)
New terrortsi approach - the childrens entertainer
Vote up (126)down (87)
Guest: chas (4642 days ago)
do what i say........or i`ll kill of you.....damnit.....g- et back.......GET BACK.....damnit
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Guest: sue (4649 days ago)
George bush makes surprise appearance for troop morale
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Guest: reg (4626 days ago)
they drew First Blood, Not me ......
Vote up (111)down (59)
Guest: Sav (4466 days ago)
Uzi 9 Milli Litres!!
Vote up (120)down (69)
Guest: Max (4654 days ago)
ok ok just put the weapon of mass saturation down...
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Guest: PRES (4625 days ago)
Vote up (110)down (86)
Guest: MArk (4464 days ago)
What Ollie North is up to now..
Vote up (109)down (63)
Guest: ping lee (4466 days ago)
hands up or i shoot
Vote up (101)down (56)
Guest: (4466 days ago)
coco was not happy about the circus being hired for a show in Afghanistan
Vote up (107)down (74)
Guest: Rich BS (4464 days ago)
Am I the only one whose invitation said fancy dress?
Vote up (107)down (80)
Guest: Mark A (4673 days ago)
The initiation tests for new gang members in LA were getting even more ridiculous
Vote up (120)down (83)
Guest: pie stalker (4646 days ago)
krusty wasn't gonna give up without a fight
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Guest: PRESTON (4637 days ago)
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Guest: (4465 days ago)
Careful I think he's a Chelsea Fan
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Guest: (4675 days ago)
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Guest: Eddie_Nash (4464 days ago)
Oh my God! a clown !! a clown!!! i hate clowns!!! make it go away!
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Guest: PaXoN (4673 days ago)
New water cannon testing proves successful
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Guest: j (4166 days ago)
Latest caption: CLOWNS YOUR FCKED
Vote up (103)down (92)
Guest: Squat (4466 days ago)
Crack Italian Special Forces, react as normal to clown army
Vote up (101)down (77)
Guest: Robyn (4650 days ago)
The youth these days, I tell you this country is going to the dogs!
Vote up (108)down (94)
Guest: Dan (4660 days ago)
George Bush: He's got a weapon of mass destruction! Get him!
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Guest: (4323 days ago)
ooooooooooooo i got a little water
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