Cat among the pigeons
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Cat among the pigeons

Cat among the pigeons

Pussy was completely outflanked

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Guest: Tom (4063 days ago)
The pigeons became bolder once they realised the cat was stuck. It was time for revenge......
Vote up (101)down (81)
Guest: coolio (4059 days ago)
I thought they said tuck into tench
Vote up (101)down (87)
Guest: Star Wars Geek #4 (4061 days ago)
I can't manouver!
Vote up (101)down (94)
Guest: Raptor (4063 days ago)
Stay on target! STAY ON TARGET!!!
Vote up (89)down (101)
Guest: Alster (4063 days ago)
Cat calls for momentary cease-fire
Vote up (101)down (90)
Guest: (4054 days ago)
im an undercover agent with the FBI...STAY AWAY!
Vote up (94)down (101)
Guest: Hehe (4064 days ago)
Peek-a-MUNCH...Hide-- and-seek or Sneak-a-eat?
Vote up (74)down (101)
Guest: Tiggertronix (4060 days ago)
I've come to read the meter.
Vote up (74)down (101)
Guest: SHANE (3968 days ago)
Vote up (86)down (101)
Guest: maggie moo (4063 days ago)
STOP LOOKIN'! I'm trying to pee
Vote up (71)down (101)
Guest: Jigster (4061 days ago)
You gotta ask yourself one question. Do you feel lucky..Punk !
Vote up (78)down (101)
Guest: Radical Rhonda (3973 days ago)
So far so good ... the expect nuttin'. I'll wait until one of them gets a little closer then I'll hold him down and shit on his head!
Vote up (87)down (101)
Guest: Rhaspun (4063 days ago)
Hmmm. Let's see if someone isn't paying attention.
Vote up (96)down (101)
Guest: taco (4062 days ago)
Pigeon: La la la theres a tasty seed la la la. Cat: Tasty seed indeed. Only a few inches from me! Pigeon: La la AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHurgle- hl;adflj;s... Cat: Tasty pigeon. Mmmmmm.....
Vote up (68)down (101)
Guest: chewbacca (4056 days ago)
The onlookers of the catwalk thought they better leave
Vote up (70)down (101)
Guest: jensen (4063 days ago)
The trenches in WW1: re-enactment.
Vote up (89)down (101)
Guest: (4061 days ago)
Sorry guys. Did I leave my shades here ?
Vote up (81)down (101)
Guest: (4062 days ago)
isn't this where Han Solo swoops in in the millenium falcon? "You're all clear kid! Now lets blow this thing and head home!"
Vote up (65)down (101)
Guest: DW (4037 days ago)
i'm in your gutter...watchin' your birds
Vote up (61)down (101)
Guest: Mouser420 (4061 days ago)
Some days were better than others for Tabby, this was not one of those days.
Vote up (64)down (101)
Guest: SickMick (4061 days ago)
some ugly birds and a dirty pussy crevis
Vote up (67)down (101)
Guest: Keith, Plymouth (4034 days ago)
This is my last ditch attempt at catching one of these.
Vote up (68)down (101)
Guest: blow me (4050 days ago)
kfc aint got nothing on this pigeons.
Vote up (57)down (101)
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