Google naps
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Google naps

Google naps

Employee takes a nap in a light and sound resistant pod at Google HQ, Mountain View, California

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Guest: Liver (4600 days ago)
Misses packman chewing cock
Vote up (101)down (62)
Guest: Jared Thompson (4605 days ago)
the ipod gets a makeover
Vote up (101)down (85)
Guest: katrat (4600 days ago)
snow ball fight gone bad
Vote up (101)down (64)
Guest: nigsmig (4602 days ago)
pac man gobbles google geezer!
Vote up (101)down (67)
Guest: Tom (4605 days ago)
User error ruins test of new automatic fellatio device.
Vote up (101)down (63)
Guest: (3854 days ago)
Latest caption: Third party ``nap` devices from China brainwash executives at Google.
Vote up (101)down (42)
Guest: Jonah (4598 days ago)
Anyone for crazy golf ? wahey !
Vote up (101)down (71)
Guest: Tiggertronix (4604 days ago)
Plug'n'Play with yourself!
Vote up (101)down (47)
Guest: yes, thats right (4593 days ago)
man inpregnates sperm
Vote up (101)down (79)
Guest: joe (4596 days ago)
Wait, this isnt a napper! O My god whats that!
Vote up (101)down (65)
Guest: Rosemary (4600 days ago)
I think I need this Helmet in a larger size, sorry.
Vote up (101)down (71)
Guest: SirThomasFairfax (4599 days ago)
New employee fails to read notices regarding correct procedure for using Google shoe-shine machine.
Vote up (101)down (71)
Guest: Pink paul (4602 days ago)
so how does it get me to work without any wheels then
Vote up (101)down (81)
Guest: (4604 days ago)
Pacman Strikes Back
Vote up (101)down (84)
Guest: johnny wad (4602 days ago)
Jared gets vaporized for switching from Subway to Taco Bell
Vote up (101)down (77)
Guest: jojoshutyourface (4601 days ago)
Pacman comes to life
Vote up (101)down (79)
Guest: mEoHmY (4598 days ago)
Rare albino pac-man species eating humans in the airport lounge...
Vote up (101)down (79)
Guest: (4600 days ago)
Google searches human brain for answers to Google searches on human brain.
Vote up (95)down (101)
Guest: Roraima (4599 days ago)
New fashionable home brain scanner for the family. Buy two get one free!
Vote up (101)down (100)
Guest: Dowding (4604 days ago)
"F*$K me, i did say to get a large helmet, but now your taking the p$ss!!!"
Vote up (101)down (99)
Guest: homer42 (4586 days ago)
looks like another case for doctor who
Vote up (95)down (101)
Guest: james (4601 days ago)
Vote up (94)down (101)
Guest: Wolf (4601 days ago)
Who the hell turned out the lights?
Vote up (49)down (101)
Guest: pp2 (4602 days ago)
mmmmnn so now I know what its like to be a cue ball
Vote up (98)down (101)
Guest: barack's not black (4604 days ago)
google sperm set to take over the world
Vote up (89)down (101)
Guest: Mech (4600 days ago)
Chief, I don't think the cone of silence is working.
Vote up (80)down (101)
Guest: m (4602 days ago)
Google takes porn to the next level....
Vote up (84)down (101)
Guest: DrHaha (4602 days ago)
Now you can google while you sleep.
Vote up (75)down (101)
Guest: DANDERSON13 (4601 days ago)
LINK google search: mans head
Guest: Rik (4599 days ago)
"hey, look at me! I'm a c**t!"
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