Happy surfing dog
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Happy surfing dog

Happy surfing dog

Looking for the perfect bitch

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Guest: Bemum (4551 days ago)
Obviously, Fido spends too much time surfing the Web. He needs to get out side and get some sun. He's way too pale.
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Guest: Hannah Lorber (4543 days ago)
2 girls 1 cup reaches ALL eyes
Vote up (101)down (58)
Guest: ha ha (4551 days ago)
It's not porn - I just don't have any sweat glands
Vote up (101)down (62)
Guest: marc carless (4550 days ago)
doggy style pron, Nice
Vote up (101)down (83)
Guest: leza (4544 days ago)
youve got doggin we have peeplin
Vote up (101)down (74)
Guest: D (4550 days ago)
Rex found that he could no longer control his porn addiction
Vote up (101)down (89)
Guest: Slinkee (4551 days ago)
Hope it's not Kitty Porn!
Vote up (101)down (91)
Guest: Tom (4551 days ago)
Dammit my secret is revealed!
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Guest: Shavezy (4170 days ago)
Latest caption: *background "The things that get put on the internet these days..."*
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Guest: SHANE (4523 days ago)
oh my god can that position really be done amazing
Vote up (101)down (83)
Guest: Lame (4540 days ago)
omg omg omg, what do i sign up for, myspace or facebook?
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Guest: (4549 days ago)
Fido finally discovers why his owner hasn't been too attentive of late
Vote up (101)down (93)
Guest: colleen (4551 days ago)
i think this is the funniest face ive seen between my legs for a long time
Vote up (101)down (100)
Guest: bob (4551 days ago)
if only i could lick my balls and watch at the same time...
Vote up (101)down (66)
Guest: sick f*ck (4550 days ago)
hes just discoverd beasteality
Vote up (101)down (75)
Guest: M Chil (4523 days ago)
I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance!
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Guest: Doh! (4495 days ago)
God I love these dogging sites !!
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Guest: chester (4544 days ago)
"They say I had one too many sugar cubes...but I really like them."
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Guest: reddone (4523 days ago)
Damn genetically altered food
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Guest: It'sJustNotPossible! (4295 days ago)
New generation of help gimmicks on MS Word now even more annoying...
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Guest: IID1E4 (4364 days ago)
world news announces weimerana's close to extinction and call for imidiate reproduction prorgram.
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Guest: june (4487 days ago)
play it again Sam
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