Bill Clinton gives an admiring look
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Bill Clinton gives an admiring look

Bill Clinton gives an admiring look

Thank God I'm not in her shoes

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Guest: Karel (4467 days ago)
Bill Clinton strategy thinking: She'd be much more popular if she went commando wearing a tight mini.
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Guest: John117 (4440 days ago)
Theres no way those are real... gigity gigity goo!
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Guest: ghostlaird (4350 days ago)
Latest caption: Quick,'s th' missus
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Guest: Tiggertronix (4467 days ago)
Damn. Forgot the cigars.
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Guest: RIOT (4392 days ago)
they look heavy can i hold them for you?
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Guest: Draven2506 (4467 days ago)
God damn equal rights... she'd never be wearing trousers back in the good old days. Then again, neither would i...
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Guest: awesomo (4426 days ago)
the one day i forgot my codpiece!
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Guest: last on line (4467 days ago)
wish Monica was here!
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Guest: Max (4466 days ago)
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Guest: wild will (4467 days ago)
who does she think shes kidding? those were my lines.
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Guest: M Chil (4445 days ago)
My master, Johnny F. Kenobi will all be in my force...
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Guest: Dab (4467 days ago)
F%#$k! I'm glad she's not black.
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Guest: leza (4466 days ago)
heres my new cigar box
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Guest: shane (4446 days ago)
wheres monica when you need a good blow?
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Guest: Jonneybgood (4467 days ago)
Man, I wish see would shut up so I can split.
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