Atomic cake
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Atomic cake

Atomic cake

Admiral 'Spike' Blandy and his wife celebrate the testing of the largest thermonuclear device ever tested by the United States at Bikini Atoll on March 1, 1946

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Guest: Nuffin' ta say! (4986 days ago)
This is the CAPTION space, John C. In future, how's about confining your nerdy little rantings to the comments field below.
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Guest: John C. (4986 days ago)
Rubbish. The first thermonuclear was Ivy Mike in 1952. The 1946 series was operation Crossroads, and the bombs were no bigger than that dropped on Nagasaki a year earlier.
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Guest: Horrorboy (4979 days ago)
Dear, you have some cake in your hair.
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Guest: John C. (4985 days ago)
Castle Bravo. 1 March 1954. The US set off the bomb knowing that hundreds would be exposed to radiation because the wind had shifted. A Japanese fishing boat was covered with fallout and the radioman was killed. The US lied about the fallout levels,
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Guest: me (4986 days ago)
great test big succes radiation all around..............- ....
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Guest: monny2008 (4980 days ago)
why are these two dick heads making me cut this dildo?
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Guest: Bollo (4985 days ago)
Hey Nuffin, don't you think it's ironic that you're using the caption space instead of the comments to chide John C for using the caption space? Oh no, now I'm doing it too.
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Guest: Pikey (4986 days ago)
The drunken Mrs Brandy hoped no one would realise she'd just fallen head first into the cake...
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Guest: Harry (4983 days ago)
Sailor prepares plausible explanation for why he has no kids.
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Guest: Doe (4986 days ago)
With matching hat.
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Guest: John C. (4985 days ago)
Mr President, Sir, my wife has finally located one of those pesky weapons of mass destruction in I-raqistan. Another triumph for freedom and dim-ocracy!
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Guest: Christoph (4927 days ago)
Latest caption: "Mmm, that frosting is absolutely divine. Do I detect a hint of radition?"
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Guest: Nuffin' ta say! (4985 days ago)
Oh my god, Bollo! You're right! Gosh, what on Earth am I going to do now? Looks like I'm doing it too. Oh well, there you go, eh? I still think I've got a point about the nerds. Are YOU one, too? :)
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Guest: Digo (4986 days ago)
Behold the infamous nuclear cake knife.
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Guest: homer42 (4984 days ago)
mmmmmmm mushroom cake......different!
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Guest: M Chil (4972 days ago)
What's in it? What's in it? YOU CAN'T HANDLE WHAT'S IN IT! OR: Oh it's nothing special, just an old recipe for blueberry smurfcake.
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Guest: Mike Peters (4986 days ago)
As you can see the party stared with a bang
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Guest: tracymc (4982 days ago)
Now, how do we blow out the candles? Ah ha
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Guest: RH (4986 days ago)
John C. is correct. And his name is William Blandy and not Brandy.
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Guest: Bollo (4985 days ago)
Admiral Spiked had ensured his wife that they were observing the test from a perfectly safe distance. However the massive tumor which errupted from her scull suggested otherwise.
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Guest: Harry (4986 days ago)
It seems some highly sophisticated insects have begun a nuclear war over who gets my 18th century georgian mahogony table.
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