Gangsta ballerina
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Gangsta ballerina

Gangsta ballerina

One swan that won't die

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Guest: dan (4320 days ago)
Swansea Lake
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Guest: Johnny (4321 days ago)
I took up Ballet to make my mom happy. Man, are my old man and his cellmates pissed!
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Guest: James Antonio. (4302 days ago)
Miami ink on ice.
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Guest: Searchguru (4325 days ago)
Everybody in the whole cell block was dancing to the jailhouse rock!
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Guest: SuperMax (4310 days ago)
Do you think these tattoos make me look stupid?
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Guest: ern1911 (4264 days ago)
Latest caption: Crips, Bloods... and now that Tat-tutus.
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Guest: Ronnie (4326 days ago)
cross dresser my ass he loves it
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Guest: hmer42 (4322 days ago)
yo dude - this year, i'm doin' swan mother******g lake
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Guest: (4326 days ago)
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Guest: dazza (4283 days ago)
Vanilla Ice had hit on hard time since his 1 hit wonder Ice Ice Baby
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Guest: dagmar (4305 days ago)
listen, i will testicle touch your son if you say another motherf-ing thing about my kicka** headband
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Guest: JAIME OLMOS (4318 days ago)
Somos pocos pero locos ESE!
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Guest: Dean (4325 days ago)
Would you put him to top of your Christmas tree?
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Guest: James Antonio (4299 days ago)
Ok, I admit it, Im a cross-dressing homo
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Guest: U2&JAH. (4326 days ago)
Swan lake in the hood.
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Guest: beckster7777 (4314 days ago)
All this for just 5 rollies.....sheeeeee- eeet!
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Guest: XD (4326 days ago)
When I saw this pic, I Jizz'd in My Pants!
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Guest: James Antonio. (4326 days ago)
Dont mess with my tutu. Or I'll bust a cap in your ass.
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Guest: Bemum (4326 days ago)
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Guest: U2&JAH. (4310 days ago)
He danced out of the closet, from the westside.
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Guest: Pokhabnik (4323 days ago)
RockStars' attempt target the teen girl market with the latest "Grand Theft Auto" is meeting with limited sucess.
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Guest: Mr MaGoo (4300 days ago)
Health Warning - Smoking causes serious invitation of repetitive pricking!
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Guest: ms. sarcastic (4325 days ago)
looks like that kid from Happy Days...richie cunningham! yeah its him!!
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Guest: bob stahl (4320 days ago)
crossdressing gang banger
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Guest: otherone (4318 days ago)
Since ballet school he could count to six much better
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Guest: Jonneybgood (4326 days ago)
Another one of those Limey rump rangers.
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Guest: Mr Sarcastic (4326 days ago)
David Miliband, the early years.
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Guest: Mr MaGoo (4304 days ago)
Son of MacEnroe gives the judges of strictly come dancing his opinion of their scores
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Guest: Anfine (4322 days ago)
STOP PRESS: Russian Mafiya take over the Bolshoi Theatre. Spokesman says: "There will be a few changes!"
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Guest: (4323 days ago)
photoshop greatness
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