Army clown
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Army clown

Army clown

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Guest: James Antonio (4504 days ago)
It's a Private party.
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Guest: (4503 days ago)
Why are all you guys going as Action Man?
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Guest: badman69 (4504 days ago)
In veit nam they went straight for the medics. maybe this will confuse the bad guys
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Guest: Elmo (4501 days ago)
Sorry guys, it's my first day...apparently we do the camouflage class tomorrow.
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Guest: Searchguru (4504 days ago)
I'm lovin' it!
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Guest: Defjam (4503 days ago)
Ronald McDonald invades Iraq..
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Guest: Jake (4503 days ago)
the queue for the toilet was a dangerous one.
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Guest: badman69 (4504 days ago)
I swear my car is in there !!!! or maybe not !!!
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Guest: sumo (4503 days ago)
camos so not my colour!!!
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Guest: sonny (4503 days ago)
He's behind you!!
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Guest: (4502 days ago)
soldiers had to improvise on lack of funding for surplus supplies
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Guest: otherone (4503 days ago)
OK guys, cover me. I'm going for the "chuck the bucket of water" gag
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Guest: (4498 days ago)
Pssst...If that's the enemy around the corner, you'd better send in the clowns!!!
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Guest: taz (4503 days ago)
I sure hope that Obamba Bin Laden like this birthday suprise
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Guest: JimBob (4504 days ago)
The entertainment arrives for Columbine High School
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Guest: Gfaules (4503 days ago)
I find this entirely disrespectful of the men and women who go into harms way to fight and die for all of us.
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Guest: (4502 days ago)
Six Clowns, and one man in a funny costume.
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Guest: (1096 days ago)
Latest caption:

"I could do some juggling from back when I was an army clown..."

Guest: Peter Griffin (4503 days ago)
You guys are stupid, they're gonna be lookin' for Army guys...
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Guest: (4504 days ago)
'you're all stupid, there gonna be looking for army guys'
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Guest: ANOTHERJOKESTER (4501 days ago)
I swear the insane clown possie has my car and its in there.. Lets go and get it..
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Guest: Jing Donk (4504 days ago)
Can anybody see the enemy?
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Guest: U2&JAH (4504 days ago)
I'll laugh them to their deathbeds.
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Who do you think you?
Who do you think you?
Army clown
Army clown
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