Satan and the angry bull
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Satan and the angry bull

Satan and the angry bull

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Guest: aelaos (3972 days ago)
Bull + Beans = PanDemonic Disaster!!!
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Guest: U2&JAH. (3972 days ago)
That steak went right through me.
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Guest: flymo (3972 days ago)
Does my bum look big in this?
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Guest: (3972 days ago)
fire in the whole! (FART)
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Guest: Stewpid Merican (3972 days ago)
That's some explosive diarrhea!
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Guest: (3972 days ago)
Penrhiw trefor enema
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Guest: (3972 days ago)
ouch, charlie... that really hurts!
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Guest: Holy Cow (3972 days ago)
And here we see the true cause of global warming expressed in a three dimensional artistic interpretation!!! Mooooooooo!!!!!!!!
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Guest: (3972 days ago)
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Guest: ouchoncemore (3972 days ago)
Its a Metaphore you all. the prez and the american peoples
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Guest: Big Phil (3972 days ago)
Must have been a damn fine curry!!
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Guest: THeSpoon (3972 days ago)
Taurus the Flatulent catches Mr Devile off guard
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Guest: Jimmy Bob (3972 days ago)
Atomic FART!
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Guest: Pootah (3972 days ago)
Red Bull might give you wings, but you need a real bull to really fly.
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Guest: just my opinion (3971 days ago)
Latest caption: what a load of bull
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Guest: James Antonio. (3972 days ago)
And so, RedBull was born.
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Guest: badman69 (3972 days ago)
NASA's First methane experiment. The direstor took it in the butt and thats no bull..
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Guest: Pipes296 (3971 days ago)
ahhhh god, iv had this in for weeks,
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