Rocket science lecture
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Rocket science lecture

Rocket science lecture

Talking the chalk

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Guest: Sion Jones (4463 days ago)
Good morning! And it is a very good morning in Wales.
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Guest: Rx8Doc (4464 days ago)
And thats how to make a woman orgasm
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Guest: Jim Powell (4464 days ago)
QED - twitter
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Guest: audiobrat (4466 days ago)
Where's Wally...anyone?
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Guest: Cubix Rube (4465 days ago)
And that, gentlemen, is how you work the clitoris.
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Guest: LFC (4465 days ago)
So E=MC Hammer.
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Guest: Elmo (4466 days ago)
So if I wanted to reach the top of the blackboard, this is the equation I would use...hey, wait a sec...
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Guest: Sloop (4462 days ago)
Those who can, do...
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Guest: mike scarpets (4465 days ago)
so what exactly are you trying to say
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Guest: (4463 days ago)
Any questions?????
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Guest: (4466 days ago)
any questions ?
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Guest: (4463 days ago)
Come on people, it's not brain surgery.
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Guest: Tinkerbell (4462 days ago)
Now Mr. Glickmen, why would you ask that? It's as clear as....
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Guest: (4462 days ago)
ok. do i have everyone's name spelt right. Who said no?
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Guest: Charles (4464 days ago)
That is the formula we use to calculate MP's Expenses
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Guest: jiggy ji (4464 days ago)
so who is with me here? any questions?
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Guest: (4454 days ago)
Latest caption: No Brits here then.....
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Guest: Stiff jazz (4464 days ago)
and thats how cover the entire year's syllabus in just under two hours!
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Guest: Lord Falcon (4466 days ago)
Enough is enough, will someone give me my board rubber back
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Guest: fooddiaryuser (4462 days ago)
Professor, How do you pronounce your name?
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Guest: Tinkerbell (4462 days ago)
I'm not sure where you learned that smack, but don't talk that way to me son. I will come up there!
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Guest: Mark Fortune (4463 days ago)
And that's basically how a womans mind works in simple form.... Any questions?!????
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Guest: Winxalot (4464 days ago)
Will this be on the exam?
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Guest: Breener (4464 days ago)
Ask a silly question... 3 hours later with the use of 4 step ladders, a bungi rope and 3 boxes of chalk you get your stupid answer
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Guest: Colin Rogers (4463 days ago)
Obviously the long arm of Law School
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Guest: Tinkerbell (4462 days ago)
This is the last day to drop this class, because after today the shit really hits the fan.
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Guest: Jackie (4465 days ago)
.....and that's the way the universe works. GOT IT?!!!!
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Guest: U2&JAH (4466 days ago)
Has anyone seen Mat Damon?
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Guest: bludboy (4466 days ago)
you there! explain diagram 7!
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Guest: yohimbonutmargarine (4466 days ago)
As the professor turned around he realized he was in the wrong class.
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Ali G on drugs
Ali G on drugs
Women's suffrage
Women's suffrage
Millionaire - not!
Millionaire - not!
Superman in class
Superman in class