Proof the Lord knows your every thought
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Guest: Joseph King (2334 days ago)
I said I wanted extra CHEESES on my pizza.......C H E E S E S!!!!!!!!
Vote up (158)down (101)
Guest: G. Ospell (2334 days ago)
Before the cock crows thrice, one of you will deny that he ordered a medium with pineapple and anchovies...
Vote up (160)down (98)
Guest: god hater (2332 days ago)
But we ordered 2 for 1 ? get the cross and spikes boys were gonna nail us a long hair.
Vote up (165)down (111)
Guest: Snarf (2317 days ago)
Latest caption: Truth is, Jesus is only lord of the italians.
Vote up (144)down (99)
hellion73 hellion73 (2335 days ago)
last supper I thought you said light supper !!
Vote up (137)down (97)
Guest: Anti Theist (2334 days ago)
Pineapple on Pizzas!!! Absolute irrefutable proof that god can not, and does not exits!
Vote up (144)down (101)
Guest: duffle (2331 days ago)
That better be a pepperoni or i'll crucify you !
Vote up (139)down (89)
Guest: Sermonona Mount (2333 days ago)
So, this big hungry crowd came to hear me speak. My friends and I started handing out slices of pizza, and now that they're all gone home, we have 485 pizzas left over...
Vote up (137)down (109)
Guest: U2JAH (2334 days ago)
Bread and fish.
Vote up (144)down (112)
pizano pizano (2334 days ago)
50 miles on foot in under 30 minutes---it's a miracle!
Vote up (148)down (123)
Guest: J.R. (2331 days ago)
Knock knock Who's there? Jesus Jesus who? Oh how quickly people forget
Vote up (154)down (130)
Guest: James Antonio.... (2335 days ago)
Sorry its late, they haven't invented the scooter yet.
Vote up (145)down (122)
Guest: steve grosvenor (2332 days ago)
Sorry, the manna was off tonight!
Vote up (144)down (142)
Guest: The real J.C. (2334 days ago)
Jesus 25% on any large pizza
Vote up (126)down (127)
Guest: BGALV (2333 days ago)
Vote up (139)down (156)
Guest: J.R. (2335 days ago)
Fancy some supper? Last chance.
Vote up (112)down (176)
Guest: klavier (2334 days ago)
It's on special today: only 50 pieces of silver.
Vote up (142)down (163)
Poodlebum and Piddlepee
Poodlebum and Piddlepee
Trainer driver
Trainer driver
Oh wise one, please tell me another shagging dog story
Oh wise one, please tell me another shagging dog story
Don't worry, we're not going sofa
Don't worry, we're not going sofa
Let minnow if you catch anything
Let minnow if you catch anything