Public toilet
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Montio Montio (1959 days ago)

Hat for people who talk crap

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NaturalBornWaiter NaturalBornWaiter (1956 days ago)

Latest cycling helmet design scores a perfect 10 for aerodynamics, but is still too heavy. Back to the drawing board.

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Guest: deebee (1958 days ago)


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Blong Blong (1958 days ago)

Potty training? You're doing it wrong.

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Guest: maniuk7 (1954 days ago)

thats what you call a shit hat lol

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bamber bamber (1954 days ago)

When I said "Find a crapper hat"...

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iknowlessthanyoudo iknowlessthanyoudo (1957 days ago)

Pot head redefined.

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WellHungarian WellHungarian (1959 days ago)

Potty head

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Guest: Jesus (1862 days ago)
Latest caption:

When you are shitfaced af

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Guest: toityhed (1956 days ago)

Revenge of the Nerds pro-active defense: How can bullies hold you upside down and flush your head in the toilet if you are already wearing one to school?

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WalterEgo WalterEgo (1959 days ago)

New toilet collects shit from both ends.

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Guest: (1950 days ago)

Unable to stop him talking shit, CEnglands doctor came up with a novel solution.

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pizano pizano (1955 days ago)

How to feel down in the dumps.

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Guest: Joey16 (1958 days ago)

That guy is taking the piss!

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Guest: Fester Bestertester (1955 days ago)

Ok! I'm sorry that I called you a shithead......

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iknowlessthanyoudo iknowlessthanyoudo (1956 days ago)

Boss said to start bringing your head to work.

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Guest: Minsbiggerthanyours (1953 days ago)

He went to a crap hairdresser who gave him a basin haircut.

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Mesmerelda Mesmerelda (1956 days ago)

How to stay dry during a golden shower.

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Tsuki Tsuki (1959 days ago)

Hey stupid human, you're supposed to sit on that thing, not take it for walkies.

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Guest: Codauk (1949 days ago)

Buckethead has really gone down the drain...

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