Siege at Donutland
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Siege at Donutland

Siege at Donutland

Cops and Donutland standoff

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Guest: Stu Heaton (5204 days ago)
Every copper in town wanted to be on the Donutland robbery case
Guest: Ross Baynham (4890 days ago)
The Monster truck is just out of view.
Guest: and a coffee (4837 days ago)
New Police HQ proves popular with local cops
Guest: G (5317 days ago)
"OK, this booth will be my office... Joe you can have the booth with the window view. The cap'n is going to take the one closest to the fryer."
Guest: windsweptislander (5000 days ago)
Donutland bribes police out of speeding tickets,
Guest: den (5486 days ago)
police find new way to re-tyre their fleet
Guest: (5452 days ago)
the only place that won't get robbed
Guest: I am Canadian! eh! (5489 days ago)
Okay..which one of you wise guys moved the Taco Bell?
Guest: Danny (5451 days ago)
Tax cuts force police to save mileage
Guest: craig (5492 days ago)
a annomos phone call tips the police off about the owner throwing old donuts out
Guest: dre (5347 days ago)
"officer down" at donutland
Guest: Michael Saunders (5490 days ago)
American police on high state of alert
Guest: he he he (5486 days ago)
In celebration of my latest bribe, donuts and coffee all around
Guest: Teds (5195 days ago)
Local police force move station into Donut shop and save a fortune in petrol
Guest: Cynical? Me? (5456 days ago)
Lazy, fat, bribe-taking officers of the law convene for a sickeningly cliched round of humourless mutual back-clapping while stuffing their ugly, oversized, Cro Magnon faces with (free) lard.
Guest: Paul (5084 days ago)
"Do nout"
Guest: Vesper (4789 days ago)
Cops buying feul for their car:$30 Cops buying coffee on the way their:$4.25 Knowing the cops will protect and serve(themselves): Priceless
Guest: Dave (5488 days ago)
look - its a lot of police cars
Guest: Trav (5490 days ago)
They must have been called to a "code 0" ... doughnut down. needs help!
Guest: Burple_mist (5491 days ago)
you see cops are obbsesed with doughnuts, now the reason for this is......
Guest: Nigel Piles (5490 days ago)
"Remodled"? See below.
Guest: drew (5489 days ago)
the local mafia don, realised very quickly that giving up the pizzeria business front, was not a good idea.
Guest: ... (5488 days ago)
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Guest: MILO STONE (5488 days ago)
Guest: Police SUV (5491 days ago)
We were on call smartasses!!!!
Guest: Wildecat (5492 days ago)
why me?
Guest: Dazz (5240 days ago)
"there was a ,...... er..... a robbery, yea a robbery at donut land..." says chief, Wholaka
Guest: sierra (5475 days ago)
its the new cop mosque
Guest: stevie Waring (5488 days ago)
white cars grow lights on roofs shock
Guest: babydoll (5489 days ago)
It's the Police Officer's version of a Biker Bar
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