Mountain view
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Mountain view

Mountain view

Crag seat for the brave

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Guest: Renegade Davis (3952 days ago)
After second thoughts Colin the Trainspotter realised he'd probably see more trains from the platform.
Guest: garycos (3952 days ago)
Strange how she got smaller and smaller, then suddenly sort of spread out at the bottom.
Guest: Joel H. (3952 days ago)
The eldest of the Lemming family patiently waits for the rest of his family before continuing on...
Guest: garycos (3952 days ago)
Willie Coyote had been his brother, not very close, but brother none the less, and the family code demanded vendetta.
Guest: TEDS (3952 days ago)
"So much for satnav.... straight on 300 meters my arse!!!"
Guest: donegal liam (3952 days ago)
whats that cracking sound?
Guest: RAZR (3952 days ago)
Domestic abuse......Theres no Excuse!
Guest: Wen (4532 days ago)
This is what you get when you hold an olympic diving competition in a poor country like Canada
Guest: Mike Starski (3952 days ago)
After his 5th attempt at jumping, he knew that he never had the powers of Superman, so he gave up.
Guest: shotgunchadb (3952 days ago)
that damm bouncy ball better not take much longer...
Guest: CMB (3952 days ago)
Jump you Looner!
Guest: (3952 days ago)
Not where I expected to wake up after the bachelor party ......
Guest: jw (3952 days ago)
U2's first shoot for their video to Vertigo was scrapped, after 'The Edge' started taking himself too seriously.
Guest: Brigga (3952 days ago)
Brokeback Mountain...The Sequel
Guest: VisitKuchingCity (3952 days ago)
My bum itch. I need something hard and sharp. Ah! Found it.
Guest: dave lakey (3952 days ago)
extreme pooh sticks...
Guest: Salter (3952 days ago)
97 - 98 - 99 - 100! Coming, Ready or not!
Guest: 10 man (3952 days ago)
This will make a great photo. Just wish I had worn my blue jacket.
Guest: Paul (3952 days ago)
Colin realised the drinking had to stop.
Guest: garycos (3952 days ago)
I wonder what the gravity is like around here ?
Guest: Chris (3952 days ago)
anybody see my glasses?
Guest: garycos (3952 days ago)
Gary was all set up with the latest Acme products... He had been waiting 3 days... and still No RoadRunner.... shou-ld have bought a sandwich.
Guest: dick (3952 days ago)
ok guys who super glue this guy by the seat of his pants
Guest: Beni (4563 days ago)
How long did it take them to superimpose him onto that rock
Guest: Woody (4569 days ago)
does my bum look big on this
Guest: Seal (3952 days ago)
Don't do it Sol!!!!
Guest: toryboy (3952 days ago)
what did mum say about getting piles?
Guest: Ireland (4554 days ago)
"LOST", what is it all about?, they are on an island or are they?,is it real, whats with that computer thing?....dont get it !
Guest: dkbk (3952 days ago)
trekking £10, trekking jacket £25. trekking boot |£35 but sitting on the edge of a mou ntain and WANKING down below!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-!!!! !!! priceless!!!!!!!!!
Guest: j best (3952 days ago)
a small sleepwalking problem
Mountain road meets waterfall, Nepal
Mountain road meets waterfall, Nepal
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Advancing avalanche
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