The cat with the golden tooth
Sebastian, a Persian cat with long black hair, sports gold crowns on his two large teeth, which grew sticking out from his lips in an underbite similar to a bulldog's. Concerned that his cat's exposed teeth could be damaged, Dr. David Steele a dentist from Alexandria, Ind., had gold crowns made for his pet cat.
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The cat with the golden tooth

The cat with the golden tooth

Concerned dentist protects exposed teeth

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Guest: Colwel (4991 days ago)
I knew I shouldn't have eaten that shaver plug.
Vote up (101)down (84)
Guest: Joel H. (4759 days ago)
Just like most women, a soft, furry pussy with a taste for gold and a look of pure evil.
Vote up (84)down (101)
Guest: baumskifilks (4794 days ago)
Who're you callin' "pussy"?
Vote up (101)down (65)
Guest: badspeller (4836 days ago)
get out me way, i will open the f*cking tin mysef!
Vote up (89)down (101)
Guest: Paul (4896 days ago)
my mother always told me that women have teeth down there I suppose this proves it
Vote up (101)down (67)
Guest: Tankster (5032 days ago)
Gold Fanger, the cat with the meodas touch
Vote up (91)down (101)
Guest: git (5044 days ago)
Even Steve Irwin would have been scared!
Vote up (69)down (101)
Guest: danny (5059 days ago)
What do you mean you've run out of tuna!
Vote up (101)down (87)
Guest: bungee-jumper (5059 days ago)
which one of you ugly, bone gnawing, ball licking, stick fetching, sons of bitches ate my cat nip???!!!
Vote up (101)down (66)
Guest: ron (5049 days ago)
i've been fangoed !
Vote up (101)down (74)
Guest: niamh furlong (5048 days ago)
cat swollows chopsticks
Vote up (101)down (80)
Guest: Skene (4922 days ago)
Taking 'BLING' to a whole new level!!
Vote up (98)down (101)
Guest: Caladon (4990 days ago)
In his spare time Mr Giggles tuned pianos
Vote up (101)down (57)
Guest: TONY CQ (5046 days ago)
ozzy makes one last defiant satanic gesture before the grand finale of his latest show....ROCK!
Vote up (94)down (101)
Guest: Turko-durukan (5053 days ago)
No pussy can stand this blink blink.
Vote up (101)down (76)
Guest: E-man (5045 days ago)
After the play "CATS" became less popular they tried to add a James Bond twist "The Cat With The Golden Fangs" it was much less popular
Vote up (101)down (92)
Guest: CHAS (4687 days ago)
what are you lokin want some of me......well just come on....i will bite the livin hell out of you.....and then.......I WILL F..K YOU UP
Vote up (101)down (68)
Guest: G (5072 days ago)
"Let's get it On, Big Boy"
Vote up (101)down (89)
Guest: ME!1!1111! (5053 days ago)
Guest: Martin (5069 days ago)
Erm has that cat got golden teeth?? *pimped cat*
Vote up (101)down (91)
Guest: Tabs (5055 days ago)
'Do you think if I hold my nose and blow, my face will re-inflate?'
Vote up (101)down (92)
Guest: Claire (5056 days ago)
"No job we cannot do",.....Dental Association of Ireland
Vote up (101)down (90)
Guest: Phoenix (5060 days ago)
Come on, pussy, make my day!
Vote up (101)down (84)
Guest: ben (4668 days ago)
sabertooth was a pansy in real life
Guest: Sport (5065 days ago)
Owner: "I just got my cat this grill from the Arabian guy in the mall for $600.00. Now Snoop-Kat's grill matches mines. We can do some straight up pimpin' now.
Vote up (101)down (86)
Guest: Maggie (5056 days ago)
Scmere FooFoo Kitty...let me tickle you with my gold teeth!
Guest: townie (5070 days ago)
Felix the amazing circus cat, proves why he's the best, seen here almost completely swallowing two knitting needles.
Vote up (97)down (101)
Guest: lucas (5053 days ago)
i wonder if i can pick my nose with my teeth....hmmmm
Guest: numpty man (5070 days ago)
i pity the fool who touches my tuna!!
Guest: Kucing jelek (5044 days ago)
Damn toothpicks.....I'll use dental floss next time.
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