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86%VideoAug 2018

How a $100 million satellite is born

(12:20) Satellites are some of the most expensive and complicated pieces of equipment man has created.

87%VideoAug 2018

Tesla factory tour with Elon Musk

(15:19) Tech blogger Marques Brownlee joins Elon Musk for a mini guided tour of Tesla's Fremont factory.

86%VideoAug 2018

How do we know if countries are conforming to the Paris Climate Agreement

(5:07) Berkeley climate modeller Inez Fung explains how satellite data can be used to monitor a countries carbon emissions.

87%AnimationAug 2018

Hot Mess | What's actually the worst greenhouse gas?

(5:18) Just the right amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere keeps our planet habitable. But too much, and we burn.

87%VideoAug 2018

Meet the Shannon, new waterjet powered lifeboat

(1:22) The Shannon is the first lifeboat to be created entirely by the RNLI.


86%VideoAug 2018

Hot Mess | Why are hurricanes getting stronger?

(3:39) How climate change amplifies our worst storms.

87%VideoAug 2018

The rise of electric cars worldwide

(20:02) The future is electric.


86%VideoAug 2018

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Trump's Space Force idea isn't so crazy

(3:46) Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses President Trump's Space Force plan.

87%VideoAug 2018

Big Think | How AI's cheaper predictions will change the world

(7:06) Economist Ajay Agrawal on how economists look at how artificial intelligence will shape our world.

87%VideoAug 2018

James Hansen's 1988 climate predictions are coming true

(5:26) In 1988, NASA's chief atmospheric expert James Hansen testified before the US Senate, that the "greenhouse effect has been detected, and it is changing our climate now".