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86%VideoOct 2018

A short history of US meddling in foreign elections

(5:59) It's not only the Russians who meddle in foreign elections.

46%AnimationOct 2018

You don't need more than two years

(4:32) Small actions make huge differences.

87%VideoOct 2018

Bill Maher | Power begets power

(6:42) Bill Maher calls on liberals to stop chasing conservatives out of restaurants and focus on chasing them out of office.


88%VideoOct 2018

James O'Brien recaps Brexit poll results

(2:48) LBC's James O'Brien reads through the results of a poll on current support for Brexit.


86%VideoOct 2018

Why we're bad at guessing other people's motives

(4:48) Studies show you're probably wrong about people's motives more often than you think.


86%VideoOct 2018

Jim Jefferies | Is there racial bias in America's court systems?

(3:08) Jim looks into Bill Cosby's jail sentence.

86%VideoOct 2018

Why Trump won't release his taxes returns

(7:25) Is Trump the walking talking American Dream he likes to portray? The New York Times tells a different story.


87%VideoOct 2018

Democracy Now! | How the Trumps evaded tax

(20:17) The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance has opened an investigation into Donald Trump for fraud and tax evasion following a major expose by the New York Times.


88%VideoOct 2018

Peter Diamandis - The future is faster than you think

(22:00) Greek/American engineer and entrepreneur Peter Diamandis helps us to understand the future we are already in.


88%VideoOct 2018

TYT | Amazon guts bonus programs

(6:06) After raising workers' pay to $15 an hour, Amazon removed their bonus programs.