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87%VideoDec 2018

Passive House standards can reduce home energy usage by 90%

(10:59) Passive House is a building standard for designing and certifying energy efficient buildings.

93%VideoDec 2018

Navigating by cassette in 1971

(4:43) Lost in the seventies?


86%VideoDec 2018

Neoscribe | How wireless charging will end range anxiety

(4:54) The future of electric cars is wireless.


86%VideoDec 2018

Robot army efficiently sorts hundreds of parcels each hour

(2:08) Sorting robots are sweeping across the express industry dramatically reducing labour costs.


88%VideoDec 2018

70% chance Elon Musk will go to Mars

(1:07) Mars, an escape hatch for the rich?

87%AnimationDec 2018

What is the European space project Galileo?

(2:46) If the UK leave the EU, it will lose access to the encrypted and secure features of Galileo.

87%VideoDec 2018

Gigafactory, the key to Tesla's future

(6:59) At the core of Tesla are the gigafactories, the machines that make the machines that Tesla sells.

87%VideoNov 2018

Conversation with robot Sophia

(8:37) Sophia is a social humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics.

68%VideoNov 2018

The Boring Company make bricks exciting

(6:34) The Boring Company's new venture, The Brick Store.

87%VideoNov 2018

NASA InSight | Mission Control | Mars touchdown

(3:35) Inside JPL mission control as NASA's InSight mission touches down on Mars.