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88%VideoDec 2018

Boston Dynamics | How robot dogs became internet stars

(4:42) Boston Dynamics CEO Marc Raibert tells the backstory of how SpotMini became the internet's favourite robot dog.

87%VideoDec 2018

Scotland's tidal energy future

(14:08) Scotland is striving to become 100% powered by renewables by 2020.


87%VideoDec 2018

Ice-skating robot can also swim

(0:40) Cuttlefish-inspired robot by Pliant Energy Systems can negotiate almost any surface.

87%VideoDec 2018

Scientists' warnings of climate disaster are growing in urgency

(6:30) Earth's climate is now changing faster than at any point in the history of modern civilisation


86%VideoDec 2018

To space in a balloon

(4:50) CEO of World View Enterprises Jane Poynter, transports cargo to the stratosphere and back using high altitude balloons. One day soon, she hopes to transport people too.


88%AnimationDec 2018

Richard Dawkins: It works...

(1:24) Richard Dawkins answers a question about the nature of scientific evidence.

87%VideoDec 2018

Virgin Galactic's spaceship soars to the edge of space

(1:51) Richard Branson expects to travel to space within "five, six months" after Virgin Galactic made its first successful trip to the edge of space.

87%VideoDec 2018

Tasting the world's first test-tube steak

(9:54) Can we have our bacon and eat it?

87%AnimationDec 2018

Why NASA chose Mars' Jezero Crater for its 2020 mission

(2:13) Animated flyover of the Martian surface explains why a 28-mile-wide ancient lake was chosen as the landing site for the Mars 2020 rover.

87%VideoDec 2018

How does the International Space Station work?

(9:20) The International Space Station is the largest man made object in space.