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47%VideoJul 2018

3 ways Elon Musk is disrupting the construction industry

(5:28) Pioneering start-ups and tech savvy entrepreneurs are disrupting the construction sector like never before - but the stand-out figure in this revolution is undoubtedly Elon Musk.

86%VideoJul 2018

We produce 13 tons of hazardous waste every second

(3:41) Most cleaning products under the kitchen sink are classed as hazardous.

86%VideoJul 2018

David Pakman - Debunked: Detoxes & Cleanses

(10:53) Do detoxes and cleanses (diets, pills, supplements, herbs, face, masks, skin patches etc) actually work?

87%VideoJul 2018

GoPro on a log

(1:23) A log on its journey from tree to timber.

86%AnimationJul 2018

Why Earth has two levels

(3:09) Unlike Venus, Earth has two distinct levels, one above and one below sea level.

86%VideoJul 2018

Beyond bionics: how the future of prosthetics is redefining humanity

(15:31) Bionic technology is removing physical barriers faced by disabled people while raising profound questions of what it is to be human.

86%VideoJul 2018

NASA's crash test dummies

(1:56) How crash test dummies at NASA's Langley Research Center contribute to our well-being.

94%VideoJul 2018

Chainless 13-speed bike is 99% efficient

(2:41) CeramicSpeed present their 13-speed pinion drive shaft concept.

53%VideoJul 2018

Will fossil fuels run out?

(5:22) Fossil fuels take many millions of years to make, so when will we run out?

87%VideoJul 2018

The sound of hyperloop

(1:45) Virgin Hyperloop One's full-size test pod XP-1 makes a sound as it passes through its near-vacuum tube.