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86%AnimationAug 2019

Vox | Student debt in the US visualised

(5:16) What is all student was cancelled, as proposed by Bernie Sanders?

93%VideoAug 2019

A Different Bias | Who suffers first from a no-deal Brexit?

(9:01) Phil discusses the most immediate consequences from a no-deal Brexit.

86%VideoAug 2019

Thom Hartmann | The rich will own ALL wealth in America

(11:27) The trend line for Reaganomics shows in 33 years, the top 10% of Americans will own 100% of all American wealth.


87%VideoAug 2019

James O'Brien | Why did God kill everyone in The Great Flood?

(2:08) A Christian Sunday school teacher blames The Great Flood on climate change rather than God.

87%VideoAug 2019

CNBC | How Elizabeth Warren makes her money

(5:15) Elizabeth Warren is running as an advocate for the middle class and a critic of the wealthy. But, with her husband Bruce Mann, their tax returns show they are worth millions.

86%VideoAug 2019

Climate Change | Activists vs Skeptics

(14:57) 3 climate activists and 3 climate skeptics come together to discuss climate change. Will any minds move?

93%VideoAug 2019

NowThis | Trump claims he shook hands more than Obama

(3:02) President Trump claimed he shook more hands at this Air Force Academy commencement than Obama - except he didn't.


87%VideoAug 2019

The Rational National | Map shows Bernie's lead from coast to coast

(9:04) The New York Times put together a map of where donations to Democratic presidential candidates come from.


94%VideoAug 2019

Bill Maher | Trump fatigue

(5:58) It's the fatigue stupid! Bill Maher comes out in support of Biden.

93%VideoAug 2019

Trade secretary Liz Truss explains how great trade is for the UK

(2:58) Boris Johnson's trade secretary Liz Truss makes the case for British business, but forgets that the UK is in the EU.