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87%VideoDec 2018

Thom Hartmann | The Extinction Domino Effect

(11:41) Global warming by computer shows there's a very real possibility that all life on Earth could end.


89%VideoDec 2018

Rebel HQ | Trump's Christmas layoffs

(3:04) Another Trump campaign promise is broken as Siemens in Iowa lays off 125 workers.


86%VideoDec 2018

Jordan Peterson on Brexit

(10:01) Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson's thoughts on Brexit, referendums, and the EU.

87%VideoDec 2018

Joe Rogan | What women like in men

(17:14) Evolutionary and behavioural scientist Gad Saad discusses the attractions between genders.


86%VideoDec 2018

What is the Green New Deal?

(2:09) An ambitious framework seeking to combat climate change and spur the economy is being championed by progressives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


86%VideoDec 2018

EU publishes plans for no-deal Brexit

(2:29) The European Commission has published its action plan to protect EU citizens and businesses if the UK crashes out without a deal.

88%VideoDec 2018

Joe Rogan | Bill Burr | Outrage culture


86%VideoDec 2018

Vox | Why “Buy One, Get One FREE” isn't a great deal

(3:54) If it looks too good to be true...


86%VideoDec 2018

David Pakman | Is Mueller investigation a waste of money?

(4:47) It turns out that rather than wasting money, Mueller's investigation into Donald Trump's business is actually making money!

87%VideoDec 2018

Luxembourg PM: Brexit is your choice, not mine

(1:17) Luxembourg's prime minister Xavier Bettel confirms there is no re-negotiation possible on Theresa May's Brexit deal.