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VideoApr 2020

How animal sounds are made for TV and movies


VideoApr 2020

Father Ted | I hear you're a racist now

(2:59) Father Ted passes the time with a racist joke.

VideoApr 2020

Antiques Roadshow | Kanye West's art portfolio from 1995

(3:59) Laura Wooley appraises some early artwork by Kanje West.

VideoApr 2020

Jimmy Dore | Trump tells truth about Bernie dropping that Democrats won't

(11:51) Trump blames Elizabeth Warren for Bernie losing.

VideoApr 2020

Misery Bear's guide to isolation

(1:30) World's most miserable bear gives tips on how to make the most of your time alone.

VideoApr 2020

Elon Musk, king of sarcasm

(24:03) The lighter side of Elon Musk.

VideoApr 2020

George Carlin: It's important not to give a shit

(4:16) George Carlin on how he became more than just a comedian.

VideoApr 2020

The Pets Will Thrive


VideoApr 2020

Daughter challenges Dad



VideoApr 2020

LockPickingLawyer | Getting in my ex-girlfriend's back door