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92%VideoOct 2018

Tiny traffic

(0:26) Coming to a wall near you.

88%VideoOct 2018

Action man Arnold Schwarzenegger has a tank

(5:30) This is why we love Arnold Schwarzenegger.

88%VideoOct 2018

Joe Rogan meets Roe Jogan

(5:24) It's the weed talking.

88%VideoOct 2018

Alex and Elon

(5:04) Alex Jones breaks down the best knowledge we have of what's happening on the planet.

88%VideoOct 2018

Live TV sand sculpting mishap

(0:45) An interview about a charity sand sculpting event goes sideways when host Mike DiGiacomo tries his hand at sand castle design.

92%VideoOct 2018

Banksy shreds $1.4 million artwork

(1:00) Graffiti artist Banksy published a video showing the shredder in the frame of one of his best-known works, Girl With Balloon.


94%VideoOct 2018

Wooly cat

(4:26) How to make a cat from wool felt.


87%VideoOct 2018

Master Ken | When is deadly force justified?

(2:37) Master Ken explains when a martial artist should consider using deadly force in a self-defence situation.

95%VideoOct 2018

They Shall Not Grow Old | Trailer

(0:47) On the centenary of the end of First World War, Peter Jackson (LOTR) presents an extraordinary new work showing the Great War as you have never seen it.

88%VideoOct 2018

Kid thinks he is an Amazon ECHO