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86%VideoNov 2018

Double-handed Christmas tree trimming technique


88%VideoNov 2018

Swiss hang gliding mishap

(3:57) "My first time Hang Gliding turned into a near death experience..."


94%VideoNov 2018

Sand Marble Rally 2018 | Race 1

(2:18) The first marble race from the Sand Marble Rally 2018.

93%VideoNov 2018

2018 Macau Grand Prix | Formula 3 crash

(1:46) 17-year-old German Formula 3 driver Sophia Florsch fractured her spine in a high-speed crash.


88%VideoNov 2018

Ice skating duo train for the 'Iron Lotus'

(0:28) Ice skating duo train for the 'Iron Lotus', a fictional move from the 2007 movie 'Blades of Glory'.


88%VideoNov 2018

Creative tree felling


87%VideoNov 2018

Average player attempts Corey Deuel's famous draw shot

(5:06) How many tries does it take an average pool player to do what pro players do on the first try?

88%VideoNov 2018

70-year-old man climbs crevasse without ropes

(4:44) Age is no barrier for 70-year-old Russian rock climber.

87%VideoNov 2018

Can you keep up with Eliud Kipchoge?

(3:01) Kenyan marathon runner Eliud Kipchoge broke the world record at the 2018 Berlin Marathon with a time of 2:01:39.


86%VideoOct 2018

Fighting stoned with cannabis infused jiu-jitsu

(9:56) Honouring the art of jiu-jitsu with a little help from cannabis.