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86%VideoJul 2018

Watching for nuclear attack at the top of the world

(2:59) In the far north of Canada sit the DEW Line stations: "Distant Early Warning".


87%VideoJul 2018

The Royal Atlantis Residences, Dubai

(7:00) Luxury dwellings for those who don't have to ask the price.


86%VideoJul 2018

Ideas for the Tesla Pickup Truck

(9:54) Zac and Jesse discuss the Tesla Pickup Truck specs that Elon Musk has been tweeting about.


87%VideoJul 2018

Japanese man, alone on a desert island for 29 years

(9:52) 82-year-old hermit Masafumi Nagasaki escapes money and religion.


86%VideoJul 2018

World's poorest president's presidential car

(1:38) Uruguay's President Jose Mujica, once dubbed "the poorest president in the world" because of his austere lifestyle, has been offered $1 million for his 1987 VW Beetle.

86%VideoJul 2018

Hello Kitty bullet train sets off on its maiden voyage

(0:39) Meanwhile in Japan, a Hello Kitty branded train attracts tourists.


87%VideoJul 2018

Airfish-8, redefining maritime transportation

(2:28) Imagine a boat that glides effortlessly across the waves at three times the speed of typical marine craft.

86%VideoJun 2018

Russia's secret radioactive lake, deadlier than Chernobyl

(14:33) In central Russia in 1957, terrified villagers were ordered by Russian soldiers to leave their homes. This is the story of what happened.

86%VideoJun 2018

Anti-drone system at Southend Airport

(1:57) Southend Airport is trialling a new anti-drone system that can pin point the location of the drone operator.

87%VideoJun 2018

Rush hour in Amsterdam