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86%VideoAug 2019

NYC frozen in super slow motion

(2:07) New York City looks frozen at 960 fps.


87%AnimationAug 2019

When 'Made in Vietnam' means 'Made in China'

(4:27) Re-routing goods through different countries to avoid tariffs is called transshipment, and it is illegal.

86%VideoAug 2019

Heat dome over the Arctic

(3:14) A heat dome over Europe which created record-breaking temperatures, is now moving north to the Arctic.

86%AnimationAug 2019

Oil reserves, by country

(3:55) Represented in barrels compared to NYC.


86%VideoAug 2019

What happened to Trump's $365 million airline?

(7:48) For a short time in the late 1980's and early 1990's, Donald Trump owned an airline.

86%VideoAug 2019

Vox | Why does the US have so many tornados?

(5:50) Tornado Alley, perfect geography for twisters.


87%VideoJul 2019

Lightning targets tree

(1:27) Lightning striking a tree, caught in 4K and slow motion.

87%VideoJul 2019

Runaway Harrier

(3:51) The true story of what happened when an RAF pilot ejected from his Harrier jump jet in 1971.

87%VideoJul 2019

Kid rides airport conveyor belt


86%VideoJul 2019

The Arctic is on fire

(1:27) In June 2019 alone, the Arctic fires produced 55 megatons of CO2 - equal to Sweden's entire annual emissions.