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94%VideoJun 2018

The Hamilton Mixtape: Immigrants (We Get The Job Done)

(6:08) Official music video for Immigrants (We Get The Job Done) by K'naan featuring Residente, Riz MC & Snow Tha Product.


86%VideoJun 2018

Robert Plant reacts to 8-year-old drummer playing Led Zeppelin

(1:34) 8-year-old Japanese girl Yoyoka Soma stunned the internet with her performance of Led Zeppelin's 'Good Times, Bad Times'.

86%VideoJun 2018

Compressorhead - Ace of Spades

(3:04) Heavy metal live, literally!

89%VideoJun 2018

8-year-old covers her favourite drummer, Led Zep's John Bonham

(2:58) Japanese drummer Yoyoka Soma (8) performs Led Zeppelin's 'Good Times, Bad Times' for the Hit Like A Girl 2018 contest.


87%VideoJun 2018

Don McClean's American Pie, explained

(12:27) The classic campfire song that told a snippet of rock 'n' roll history.

86%VideoJun 2018

Korean girl band Red Velvet live in Pyongyang, North Korea

(1:35) K-pop comes to North Korea.


88%VideoJun 2018

Brass Against The Machine - Wake Up

(6:01) Powerful brass cover of Rage Against The Machine's "Wake Up" featuring Sophia Urista on vocals.


89%VideoMay 2018

Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep, rearranged and performed by by Feng E



86%VideoMay 2018

What is "electro swing"?

(2:01) Electro swing is a genre of music that combines vintage (or modern) swing and jazz mixed with house, hip hop, and EDM. Here's how it works.

80%VideoMay 2018

The joy of drumming

(3:26) Taiwanese busker Luo Xiao Bai loves to drum.