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98%VideoFeb 2014

How to save yourself if you are alone and choking

(1:50) Firefighter and paramedic Jeff Rehman demonstrates how to save yourself from choking if there is no one around to help.

96%VideoAug 2017

Switzerland is the safest place if WW3 ever begins


94%VideoApr 2011

What you're about to see will change your mind about speeding

There is more to speed than stopping distance. Dr Ian Johnston from the Monash University Accident Research Centre explains.


94%VideoJan 2013

Volvo test their emergency braking system for trucks

(1:11) Volvo Trucks test CW-EB (Collision Warning with Emergency Brakes) with a fully loaded Volvo FH truck.


94%VideoJun 2013

Air-conditioned Russian subway ride

(1:14) Moscow subway train rolls with its doors wide open.


94%VideoApr 2017

Respect Highway Patrol

(1:27) Police officer points out the bigger crime.

94%VideoMar 2013

Motorcycle accident reconstruction

(1:01) Australian road safety ad.


94%VideoJun 2013

BMW's considerate headlight technology

(1:41) First introduced on the BMW 7 Series in July 2012), these are now available on all BMW 3 Series models specified with a Visibility package.


94%VideoDec 2013

How not to make an electric guitar

(3:15) Mehdi Sadaghdar shows you how not to make an electric guitar while demonstrating the hazards of electricity.

94%VideoJul 2014

Don't leave your kids or pets in the car

(1:30) Concerned father Terry Williams demonstrates how hot it can get inside a car on a hot day.