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94%VideoJan 2012

High-speed rail Newsnight discussion

(12:22) Phase one of the £32 billion high-speed rail network (HS2) has just been approved. This Newsnight discussion was from July 2011, but the same question arises. Is the future high speed trains or high speed broadband?


94%VideoJan 2015

Newsnight - Interview with new Greek finance minister

(14:31) January 30, 2015: Greece's new finance minister Yanis Varoufakis explains their position with the European Union.


93%VideoApr 2018

British EU ignorance is harming UK interests in Brexit negotiations

(2:17) Brits need to wise up about the EU and its institutions - it could make the difference between a good deal, a bad deal, or no deal.


92%VideoSep 2006

Jeremy Paxman interviews Richard Dawkins

(9:00) Jeremy Paxman talks to wound-up scientist Richard Dawkins.


92%VideoApr 2008

Boris Johnson drives Paxman around the bend

Mayoral candidate refuses to answer a question about how much his new fleet of Routemaster buses would cost


92%VideoFeb 2013

Horsemeat cooked on BBC's Newsnight

(2:52) Chef Henry Harris cooks horsemeat on BBC's Newsnight programme for presenter Gavin Esler to sample.


92%VideoOct 2013

Newsnight - Tommy Robinson explains leaving the EDL

(10:20) Tommy Robinson speaks to Jeremy Paxman about his decision to leave the EDL (English Defence League), the anti-extreme Islam group he formed.


91%VideoJul 2011

Seething Steve Coogan rips into NOTW journalist

(7:30) Comedian, actor and writer Steve Coogan confronts NOTW Deputy Features Editor (1994 - 2001) Paul McMullen, a walking PR disaster for the tabloids. Former Director-General of the BBC Greg Dyke also joins in on Coogan's side.


90%VideoAug 2012

Russell Brand vs Peter Hitchens over drugs

(12:27) Newsnight Aug 2012: Comedian Russell Brand and Mail On Sunday journalist Peter Hitchens debate the treatment of drug addicts.


89%VideoAug 2011

David Starkey's theory that black culture is the root of London riots

(11:09) Shopping with violence. Historian David Starkey says that white chavs have turned black and adopted black gang culture, and it's this that's at the root of the recent riots. Newsnight chat also with contributions from author and broadcaster Dreda Say Mitchell and author Owen "Chavs" Jones.