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94%VideoApr 2016

Milton Friedman: Normal state of man is tyranny and misery

(9:06) American economist Milton Friedman's conjecture on "Golden Ages" throughout history and flaws in the welfare state.


93%VideoDec 2015

Why Basic Income?

(7:42) Supporters of the Universal Basic Income say what they like the idea.


90%VideoOct 2012

Phoenix Mayor lives off food stamps for one week

(1:30) Democrat Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton experiences what life is like on food stamps.


88%AnimationOct 2013

McDonald's helpline urges employees to seek government help

(2:09) Recorded conversation between McDonald's full-time employee of 10 years, Nancy Salgado, and the company's "McResources" helpline for employees in financial trouble.


88%AnimationJun 2014

Who is dependent on welfare?

(13:33) Expert in international development and global urbanism, Ananya Roy explains how it is really the rich who are dependent on welfare.


88%VideoNov 2015

Bernie Sanders explains social security

(8:59) Social security is arguably the most important government social program in US politics. It is also the most successful, never missing a payment to any eligible American.


88%VideoJan 2017

Bernie Sanders holds Donald Trump accountable

(2:16) Vermont senator Bernie Sanders reminds Donald Trump what he promised the millions of people who voted for him.


87%VideoMar 2015

Walmart on welfare

(0:52) Who's benefiting from government handouts? Who are the real welfare kings?

87%VideoMar 2018

Steven Pinker - Why are there no libertarian countries?

(4:18) Social spending is a shared value. The free market cannot provide for poor children, the elderly, and other members of society who cannot contribute to the marketplace.

87%VideoSep 2018

Jimmy Dore | Bernie Sanders takes on Amazon

(10:04) No one working for the wealthiest person on Earth should have to rely on food stamps.