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94%VideoNov 2007

Pulling the plug

Georgia Police storm opposition TV station in Tbilisi


94%VideoJun 2011

Police arrest woman in her front yard for videotaping

Emily Good was arrested in her front yard while videotaping her friend being pulled over by Rochester police. She was charged with a criminal misdemeanour. Her case has not yet been heard but videotaping a police officer in public view is perfectly legal in New York state.


94%VideoNov 2011

UC Davis pepper spray incident, from four perspectives

(10:50) Four different videos from the UC Davis pepper spraying incident synchonised together.


94%VideoSep 2014

Johnathan Gentry's rant on the riots

(6:18) Black minister Johnathan Gentry gives a passionate speech about the Ferguson riots.


94%VideoOct 2007

Cop saves suicidal jumper

Brazilian police action man saves life


94%VideoNov 2011

Joe Rogan on cops and Occupy Wall Street

Police are people, and their job is to serve and protect. Or more specifically, to serve nice people and protect against douchebags.


94%VideoNov 2011

Police Captain Ray Lewis comments on Zuccotti Park eviction

Retired Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis comments on Occupy Wall Street and the NYPD after the eviction of protesters in New York City's Zuccotti Park. on November 15, 2011.


94%VideoNov 2012

Cops and robber

(1:14) Incident witnessed during a regular drive in the city of Bratsk, Russia.


94%VideoApr 2013

Seven-year-old steals car to escape church

(0:31) This boy will go far.


94%VideoJun 2013

Cops help ducklings

(1:16) Another episode where police come to the rescue of little ducks.