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94%VideoAug 2009

From Universe to Multiverse

Are we on the brink of a new Copernican revolution? Theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku brilliantly helps us visualise what the truth lurking out there might be.


94%VideoMar 2014

Report reveals leading cause of death in US

(1:25) The Onion reports on a long awaited study by the Department of Health and Human Services on the most common causes of death in the US, which bizarrely turns out to be the shortage of angels.


94%VideoJan 2015

Michio Kaku's opinion on God

(2:43) Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku gives a physicist's answer to the big question of God.


94%VideoOct 2016

Scientist offers scientific proof for Biblical God

(5:27) It looks like science has indeed discovered God, according to Orthodox Jewish physicist Gerald Schroeder.


93%VideoApr 2011

Stephen Fry, what do you believe?

Stephen Fry prefers to describe himself as a humanist rather than an atheist even though he believes there is no god. "You can't just say there is a God because the world is beautiful. You have to account for bone cancer in children. You have to account for the fact that almost all animals in the wild live under stress with not enough to eat and will die violent and bloody deaths."


93%AnimationSep 2012

Louis CK - God is like a shitty girlfriend

(4:13) Illustrated version of Louis CK's stand-up routine about God.


93%VideoJan 2011

Angry atheist concludes STFU!

Romania's most famous atheist (possibly most famous person) Cristina Rad shares a personal experience at the hospital. If only people would think more about the implications of their thoughts.


93%VideoDec 2015

1980's Irish Catholic sex education video

(4:23) Dear Lord!


93%PictureAug 2012

Adam's prayers were answered

Can you write a better caption?


93%VideoMay 2018

Jordan Peterson: Atheists deep down do believe in god

(7:50) David Pakman discusses Jordan Peterson's claim that atheists do believe in god, so deep down they don't even know it.