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96%VideoApr 2016

Harrison Ford is the ocean

(2:03) Listen, the ocean is speaking.

96%VideoDec 2012

Climate 101

(4:34) Bill Nye demonstrates climate change in a tabletop experiment that even deniers can get their heads around.


96%VideoApr 2013

Bill Moyers - Ending the silence on climate change

(52:46) Scientist Anthony Leiserowitz, director of the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, describes his efforts to galvanise communities over what’s arguably the greatest single threat facing humanity.


96%VideoAug 2014

David Keith: Should we look at geoengineering the climate?

(16:04) Canadian environmental scientist David Keith proposes a cheap and immediately effective means to address climate change.


96%VideoDec 2014

TV Tricks of the Trade - Quotes and Cutaways

(17:22) How can you tell if the news you see is telling the truth? Potholer54 shows how dishonest editing to manipulate the meaning is achieved.


96%VideoSep 2015

Weather man nails Britain's longest name, Llanfairpw...

(0:19) Channel 4 weatherman Liam Dutton pronounces Britain's longest name with ease.


96%VideoMar 2016

Noam Chomsky - If Trump becomes president

(6:12) Noam Chomsky paints a scary picture of a world with President Trump at the helm of the US.

96%VideoMay 2016

Capturing lightning at 7,000 fps


96%VideoJun 2016

Elon Musk - The basics of climate change in 12 minutes

(11:33) Elon Musk breaks down the politics of climate change for students at The Sorbonne in Paris.

96%VideoNov 2012

'Chasing Ice' changes a life

(1:43) Climate change denier who watches Bill O'Reilly daily, changed her mind after seeing the film 'Chasing Ice'.