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92%VideoApr 2010

Massive oil tank explosion filmed from 2 km away

Shockwave hits camera man moments after the explosion. Goes to show that light moves much faster than sound. Footage is thought to be of an arms depot fire in Ulyanovsk, Russia 2009.


91%VideoDec 2010

Chinook troop extraction, Afghanistan

Chinook helicopter pilot hangs his rear end on a hillside in a dangerous manoeuvre to extract US troops. A few clippings later and it could have gone so wrong.


91%VideoMay 2015

Spirit of Berlin, July 1945

(7:04) Colour footage of bombed out Berlin, one month after Germany's WW2 defeat.


90%VideoSep 2010

Haunting gun camera footage, Japan 1945

Recently declassified raw footage from WW2 Pacific War. Musical soundtrack added in 2010 by Romano-Archives. Partly used in the propaganda film The Last Bomb (1945).


90%VideoMar 2010

Melbourne 2010, hail to the river

Summer ends with a bang. Incredible weather transformation in mere minutes, Melbourne, Australia (March 6, 2010).


90%VideoApr 2010

Fireball streaks through midwest US sky

Public call 911 after witnessing a meteor shower and sonic booms throughout the midwest United States (Apr 15, 2010)


89%VideoSep 2010

Inside a tornado

(1:33) Well placed camera captures a passing tornado.


89%VideoJul 2010

It's a tornado

Tornado forms over Billings Montana, right in front of heavily panting resident Lorena Robot


89%VideoFeb 2011

Suicidal woman saved by ninja

Real live hero in action


89%VideoMay 2010

Special moment for Mourinho as he says goodbye to Materazzi

Portuguese football coach Jose 'The Special One' Mourinho leaves Inter Milan to join Real Madrid. But the split isn't so easy as his weeping in the arms of tough defender Marco Materrazi shows.