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88%VideoApr 2014

Keiser Report - Burning Banks

(25:46) Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the the end of empire and why young people are not uprising.


88%VideoSep 2014

Richard Dawkins discusses ISIS, religion and human nature

(27:36) Fascinating interview with evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, and great questions posed by Russia Today's Oksana Boyko.


88%VideoJul 2015

Thom Hartmann: Bernie Sanders could be the next FDR

(5:40) Progressive political commentator Thom Hartmann explains why he thinks Bernie Sanders could be the next Franklin D. Roosevelt.

88%VideoFeb 2016

The dirty war to stop solar power

(6:56) Brendan Fischer joins Thom Hartmann to discuss how the wealthy elite are trying to prevent the growth of rooftop solar power.

88%VideoApr 2016

Greenpeace looks into Hillary's connections to fossil fuel industry

(8:08) Is the Sanders campaign lying about Hillary Clinton taking money from the fossil fuel industry?


88%VideoMay 2016

Ralph Nader - Unlocking the secrets of democracy

(12:25) Political activist Ralph Nader talks to Thom Hartmann about how people power can fight corporate power and win.

88%VideoSep 2016

Jill Stein on turning the White House into a Green House

(11:23) Green Party leader Jill Stein declares a climate state of emergency and lays out a comprehensive plan to tackle it.


88%VideoNov 2016

Julian Assange: Russia not behind Clinton leaks

(5:05) In an interview with investigative journalist John Pilger, Julian Assange responds to the claims that Russia is behind the recent Wikileaks revelations about Hillary Clinton.


88%VideoJun 2018

RT reporter gets access to Kim Jong-un's palace

(4:06) When Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov met with Kim Jong-un in Pyongyang.

87%VideoJun 2012

Max Keiser: "The banks are dead"

(3:28) Moody's, one of the 'Big Three' credit rating agencies who assesses the credit worthiness of corporations and governments, has slashed the ratings of fifteen of the biggest banks in Europe and the US including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, RBS and Deutsche Bank.