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89%VideoSep 2014

Brunettes Shoot Blondes - Knock Knock

(2:28) Ukrainian band Brunettes Shoot Blondes create a clever music video showing off Apple products.


89%PictureApr 2012

Proof Steve Jobs got to heaven

Can you write a better caption?


88%AnimationAug 2011

Futurama - New eyePhone

The new EyePhone is finally available. Installation is a doddle.


88%ShopApr 2012

Ion iCade Arcade

What started off as an April Fool's joke on ThinkGeek turned out to be so popular it became a real product.

88%VideoJun 2011

Exclusive preview of Apple's new iOS 5

Apple's new update can only be described as magical. Simon Pierro runs through some of the tricks on offer.


88%VideoDec 2011

Robin Williams and his relationship with Siri

Man of the future Robin Williams impersonates Siri for the benefit of Ellen.


88%VideoSep 2012

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 rant

(8:44) Two hordes of pretentious nitwits arguing over which giant corporation makes the phone that better represents who they are as people. WTF has the world come to?


88%VideoDec 2013

iPad drum solo

(3:22) Digital drumming on an iPad 3 with GarageBand Live Rock Kit.

88%VideoMay 2014

iPhone ringtone remix

(3:20) MetroGnome's live remix of the iPhone's marimba ringtone.

88%VideoMar 2015

iPad drum solo

(3:21) Impressive iPad drum solo using GarageBand's Live Rock Kit.