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87%VideoFeb 2014

NameTag - Google Glass facial recognition app

(3:23) Demo for NamTag, a Google Glass app that allows users to scan strangers using facial recognition technology and then match them against publicly-available online profiles.


87%VideoJul 2014

Normal: One size fits none

(1:58) Very un-normal ad for 3D printed-to-measure earphones by Normal.

87%VideoJul 2015

Google Translate vs La Bamba

(1:40) The Google Translate team test their new app in 27 languages.

87%VideoJun 2016

Dragons' Den - £1 million pitch

(12:06) Bulgarian serial inventor and genius Freddie Vasilev presents Bath-o-matic.

87%VideoSep 2016

How China is changing your internet

(5:57) In China, a sheltered internet has given rise to a new breed of app, and Western companies are taking notice.


86%VideoNov 2009

Clever iPhone app blows out candles, for real!

Happy birthday


86%VideoAug 2009

NES Synth Music app

iPhone music, bad fad or just bad?


86%VideoAug 2010

USB typewriter demo

Hey, did you know you can buy one of these? Or you can buy a kit to make your own! Got a typewriter already? I'll mod it for you. Visit or for details.

86%VideoSep 2011

CLOO, genius or shit idea?

Where do you go when you're bursting and there's nowhere to go? Try CLOO, the community loo. For a nominal fee, you can visit a friend's, or a friend of friend's, bathroom for an urgent dump.


86%VideoDec 2011

The life of luggage

What happens to your luggage after it passes the rubber flaps and enters the bowels of the airport? Delta Airlines finds out and kits out a case with six cameras.