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88%VideoMay 2009

g-speak, spacial operating environment

Oblong Industries creates an operating system with a Minority Report-style interface


88%VideoDec 2011

Robin Williams and his relationship with Siri

Man of the future Robin Williams impersonates Siri for the benefit of Ellen.


88%VideoMar 2012

Magic Butt app

(1:26) Live wallpaper for Android. One reason to switch from iPhone.

88%VideoOct 2012

LIFX, reinventing the light bulb

(4:36) LIFX, the world's smartest energy-efficient light bulb, so claims Phil Bosua.


88%VideoNov 2012

Ohio voting machines running "experimental" software patches

(1:54) Unbelievable! Testing voting machine software during a presidential election?

88%VideoMay 2013

Project Mighty, Adobe's cloud-connected pen

(4:25) Adobe's Michael Gough reveals Project Mighty, the future of pen and paper.


88%VideoNov 2013

FlyKly Smart Wheel Kickstarter project

(5:13) Very smart pedal assist that fits on almost any bicycle.


88%VideoJan 2014

Boggie - Nouveau Parfum

(3:34) Hungarian pop singer Boggie demonstrates the power of Photoshopping as she is digitally retouched through her video for 'Nouveau Parfum'.


88%VideoJun 2014

Make me beautiful

(2:50) Journalist Esther Honig sent an unaltered picture of herself to Photoshop experts in more than 25 countries and asked them to "make me beautiful".


88%VideoNov 2014

A date in the future

(7:50) Disturbing sci-fi short by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo, set in a world where Google Glass-inspired apps are everywhere.