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95%VideoOct 2012

Play It Again, Sam (1972) - Museum pick-up

(1:12) Neurotic film critic Woody Allen talks to a girl in a museum.


95%AnimationNov 2013

The meaning of art revealed

(3:01) If only we knew what artists really had in mind when they created their masterpieces.


94%VideoMay 2015

Van Gogh painting comes to life in 3D

(1:19) Take a trip into Van Gogh's 'Night Cafe', and explore the scene in 3D.

92%VideoJul 2012

Starry Night in dominos

(3:01) Amazing interpretation of Vincent van Gogh's 'The Starry Night'.

92%VideoMar 2010

Good artists copy, great artists steal

(0:40) Apple chief Steve Jobs quotes Picasso.

91%AnimationMay 2015

Escher and the Droste Effect

(2:26) Animation that demonstrates the Droste Effect in MC Escher's image 'Print Gallery'.


90%VideoOct 2012

The art of ironing

(1:25) An artist recreates classical paintings with a steam iron and a sheet.


90%VideoMay 2013

Van Gogh Shadow

(3:06) Van Gogh's paintings come to life.

89%VideoJan 2010

Pringle of Scotland

Animation by David Shrigley


89%AnimationOct 2010

The Simpsons opening sequence, directed by Banksy

The darker side of Fox. Anonymous graffiti artist Banksy puts his stamp on the title sequence for Moneybart episode of The Simpsons.