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97%VideoOct 2015

How Joe Lycett deals with a parking fine

(2:25) British comedian Joe Lycett tells the story of when he got a parking fine.

96%VideoFeb 2009

Mr Chi-City gets militant over a parking ticket

(8:11) Ice cream causing man to scream.


96%VideoApr 2015

The Car Parking Machine (1932)

(1:16) Vertical elevator city parking solution from the thirties.

96%VideoMay 2015

Parking problem solved in 1927

(1:03) Great parking aid demonstrated in Paris in 1927, where the front wheels enable cars to turn like the hands on a clock.

95%VideoJan 2018

Brazilian policeman escapes tight parking spot


94%VideoJul 2011

Rock star parking, for experts only

Spectacular parking technique possible only with a Porsche


94%VideoMay 2017

Park & Slide

(1:44) A simple device to assist car owners to park two cars in a limited space.


94%VideoJun 2017

Park-Car, 5 wheeler from the fifties

(1:30) This 1950s car had a fifth wheel to help with parking.

93%VideoJul 2013

DIY parking sensor

(0:31) Brazilian ingenuity, cheap and effective.


93%PictureDec 2011

Asteroid stocks up before continuing on its long journey