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95%VideoMay 2014

Russians drivers vs. speed bump

(1:21) Notice the speed limit.


Toom Baumarkt 89%VideoSep 2007

Toom Baumarkt - Speed bump

Toom Baumarkt - Speed bump

88%VideoOct 2005

Cambridgeshire Police road safety

Speeding? Think!


88%VideoAug 2008

Dog dies after traffic cop stops couple for speeding

Choking pet dies after officers hold a Texas couple for 15 minutes while rushing to an emergency vet clinic


88%VideoNov 2012

Maine state trooper stops an emotional speeding driver

(5:30) Police officers have to deal with all kinds of people. What would you have done as the officer?


86%VideoMar 2010

Speeding biker distracted by waiting cops

Fast Kawasaki is surprised by sneaky police as he comes around a corner. Braking on a fast corner is not advised.


84%PictureJan 2010

Police speed trap

2D or not 2D. Pictured in Israel. The lights flashed and everyone was fooled into slowing down, which caused a big traffic jam. A high-ranking police officer was caught in the jam and ordered the removal of the trap. This was the only time it was used in Israel.


78%VideoJun 2014

Trucker pulls cop for speeding

(4:54) Trucker Brian Miner was driving through Illinois when a police car sped past at way over the speed limit...


68%VideoJun 2008

French tackle speeding drivers with shocking ad

And he was travelling just a little too fast...


66%VideoJan 2010

Angry citizen pulls over a cop

Speeding sheriff followed in bitter chase